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A Magnet for Millennials (11/28/12)

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Wed, 28 Nov 2012|

Toyota among automakers using online videos to lure young buyers; teens and texting; plus, test track for Porsche customers.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And they won the addition of first -- and Jennifer bond. Coming up and free things online videos but first here's a look at what's making news. Will start with safety news and some disturbing findings by Toyota and the University of Michigan. They've had teenagers are 26 times more likely to send text messages while driving and their parents -- attacked. That's according to -- study involving more than 5000 people. Another finding. 69% of teens regularly drive with other teenagers and no adult. That story is from blue bird. This is all just part of the latest data showing why there's renewed focus on helping the driver when it comes to vote in vehicles take. The alliance of automobile manufacturer -- has launched a campaign. Promoting high tech feature is that can prevent crashes. It's new driver as this channel on YouTube. Explains technologies offered by twelve number companies including Ford at -- Hilda and GN. Alliance polls found that two thirds of customers which considers such as safety offerings the next time they buy a vehicle. Porsche has broken ground on a 100 million dollar in North American headquarters in Atlanta. And at the complex will give dealers another tool to close the sale or reward a loyal customer. That's because it'll feature a one point six mile test track and customer experience center. Opening date when he fourteen. Porsche is building on the site of a fourth plant that closed in 2006. It borders the Atlanta international airport. And age what do you executive issuing that want the most optimistic projections we've seen about November US auto sales. US sales chief Jim -- says consumers replacing vehicles lost during super storms candy. Could push sales to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of fourteen point eight million to fifteen point two million. Carmakers release their results on Monday. I makers are embracing online video ads to connect with millennial buyers. Poignant enough for example. It created a theories of second commercials touting their -- for. Seconds OK got to move fast the rap tour has an available content system cool and stick the rest of this. According to -- spokeswoman from Hulu the spots were designed for the streaming video website where users can watch TV shows and movies. Nearly every major automotive brand from -- to super you ever ties is -- Hulu dot com. That website that last week. That the number of auto brand advertising on its site. It's up by 58%. Through November 19 from the same period last year. Almost every brand has made online videos and the part of its marketing mix during the past two years. Ford for example create a web only video series starring in Orange puppet named Doug. Ahead of the 1211 focus plunged. In other makers say online video can also help expand their reach of TV commercials. Especially when they go viral. As you'll remember that's happened to be dealt -- 2011 super -- and I featuring a young Darth Bader. That's not gaining more than 55 million views on YouTube since. According to digital analytics firm comScore. In October alone 183. Million US Internet users. Viewed more than 37 billion videos and eleven billion video ads. And speaking of every time it's. Halftime in America has several spots. Was named one of all the week's ten best commercials -- 2012. The -- shrinking and numbers that game. And that -- -- show thanks so much for watching we'll see you tomorrow.

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