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Satisfied with Lexus, Mini (11/28/12)

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Wed, 28 Nov 2012|

Buyers more pleased - but checking dealer reviews; battle-ready RAV4?; upscale Chrysler minivan; GM's Reuss talks green.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Breaking through. A look at the brands that stand out when it comes to satisfying customers at the dealership. The winners that. Thanks so much for dropping by on this Wednesday. -- Tom -- back. It's a re -- and a three. For the second year in a row. Lexus ranks highest among luxury brands in JD power's sales satisfaction index. The survey measures help -- customers are with a shopping experience whether they buy a car from a particular dealership or not. Number two in luxury is infinity. It's also the most improved luxury brands. Cadillac comes in it there. -- is a three time winner in the mass market category. Buick and GMC our next. And the most improved mass market brand is Honda. Industrywide. Satisfaction rose from last year. Some other key takeaways. The vast majority of shoppers through the sales person spent enough time with them -- delivery. But some did feel a bit neglected mostly because they wanted more time to review car features and technologies. Power also filed a third party reviews sites do influence which stores customers choose. Powers is nearly 80% of new car buyers use the Internet went shopping among those. Nearly a third it will consult an online ratings or review site when selecting a dealer. JD power's senior director Chris Sutton says whether the reviews are negative. Or positive. Can determine how willing a -- is to visit a dealer says Sutton. It would be prudent for dealers to ensure their customers have had a satisfying experience. Given their influence on prospective customers. Sixteen years ago the Toyota -- four was all alone in established the compact crossover segment in the US market. But today the -- for his nearly twenty rivals in this segment that accounts for one out of every nine vehicles sold in the country. Talk about pressure. The latest version of the -- for unveiled today at the Los Angeles auto show. The biggest news coming from under the hood the available V6. God. The -- for offers only the carry over 176. Horsepower four cylinder engine. The optional third row seat well that's history through. Notices are very few buyers were interested in those options. Sales -- the -- for trails the likes of the Honda CRV. Ford Escape in Chevy Equinox. The updated -- for goes on sale early next year. Speaking of history at Chrysler which invented the minivan as we know it nearly three decades ago. We'll showcase an upscale version of its town and country in LA. The S model includes a standard Blu-ray dvd player plus a black chrome grille and interior. And Volkswagen revealing the redesign 113 beetle convertible. Staying with the traditional soft top. It goes on sale next month. Pretty much like. We have to say this is -- generation of people that is wide long -- Lois dogs and so it looks. Very explosive and just standing still and those like it's it just waiting to take off the line inside. It's a it's a vehicle is very expresses -- stay true to its but it iconic status and is but it's a very much a modern interpretation and it it's got all the technology and equipment you'd expect in a vehicle that's really placed him on the market today. As we've reported Chevy will unveil its sparked EV mini cart today. This is General Motors has made it clear its future green car efforts will focus on plug in hybrids and electric vehicles. Rather than conventional hybrid power trains. Here's GM North America president -- Royce who's in LA. Hybrid stuff that we're doing today is a white hybridization. Around he assessed in the new impala that's coming out here -- first quarter. It's in the eco version of the malware that's on sale today and in the lacrosse for Buick. That's about a 20% fuel economy improvement in a relatively. Mid sized to large cargo across this case in the impala. And so those -- averages stations. Are much more cost effective than a pure hybrid. Version of those vehicles. And we will have much more LA auto show coverage tomorrow morning on her -- We'll see you back here tomorrow afternoon.

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