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More Tweaks for 'MyFord' (11/29/12)

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Thu, 29 Nov 2012|

Embattled system getting better voice recognition, navigation; devoted to Volt; GM, Ford and 'fiscal cliff'; a Mitsubishi comeback?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and thanks for joining us I'm Jennifer bond. Mitsubishi's turning point restate what the company's president later on now Thursday had line. Forward is again upgrading its might Ford touch in cart technology. And it will extend the warranty by two years. This follows a series of complaints and -- reviews of the touch screen entertainment and navigation system. Ford says it has improved voice recognition in and navigation. The first wave of updates will go out next month. In March forward upgraded my -- ties to a trust complaints about complexity and slow speed. But even the other day -- core markets for consumer reports. The Chevrolet Volt a plug in hybrid has limited top consumer reports annual owner satisfaction survey. For the second straight year. 92%. Of bold owning subscribers who responded. Said they definitely would buy a bolt again. Several other fuel efficient models did well including Toyota's Camry hybrid. Prius Prius C and then he found -- Top sports cars they should be Corvette. Porsche nine a lab in these eight Dodge Challenger and for not staying. Luxury winners. Audi a -- and 86 and the Lexus G yes. Rated -- lowest among owners was and Versa. Followed by the V6 versions of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pick up. And then he's an armada. Since you asked acts four and Mitsubishi. Outlander suvs. In other news that Chrysler's ram has formed a commercial truck division. And confirmed plans to introduce a large -- based on that -- -- Condo in the third quarter up 2013. Finally it with talks intensifying in Washington to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. So in the auto industry including Ford. Are starting to plan for a possible economic catastrophe. As these theories of tax increases and spending cuts loom over the United States. Others aren't quite as worried. Automotive News editor and associate publisher Jason stunning explains from the floor of the Los Angeles auto show. Mostly -- -- aren't really expects or does have to do it. It goes all you global industry being caused by shall now restructure. It -- They're making a lot of money. Are going to make a lot of concern about. It. Or or hurt or any general content. One of the executives interviewed by nine. General Motors North America president mark Royce. GM is -- dark horse told basically GM. A lot of and -- yeah. So. All -- up to -- and get a market export these traditionally. For its part Ford is making contingency plans. -- auto makers America's chief mark fields telling reporters in LA. That Ford wants to be able to adjust production and and make sure it has the right amount of liquidity. Feels adding according to Bloomberg. It is encouraging to received at the administration. Isn't working with the congress in a bipartisan way. I just turned to Mitsubishi. When Suzuki said earlier this month that it ending a lot of -- sales in the US. That title a Japanese auto maker with the fewest number of sales in the states shifting to Mitsubishi. But at least before the company said it has no intention cope with trying from the US market. This as sales have dropped 49%. So far this year. And that's why add about 8% below their 2002 peak of more than 345000. President goes on with -- says. Have bottomed out and occur that plan is in place. Yeah thanks -- This activity. Visit them. Mitsubishi call it quits on four main models in the US. But the simplest says new additions to the lineup will help boost sales next year take 80000. One of those cars the brush hatchback which is made in Thailand. Nice to feed their customers with -- here the -- their -- decide to introduce this into the US life. The company also planning to increase production at its plant in Normal, Illinois. -- you -- spoke through an interpreter with our guns carnival in Tokyo this month. Thanks for watching today's newscast tomorrow and look ahead at November US sales numbers. Brother Jesse Snyder we'll see then.

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