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Fiat Promo Goes 'Topless' (11/30/12)

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Fri, 30 Nov 2012|

Glimpse of racy promos for 500 lineup; Audi's patient pursuit of sales growth; soft side of GM pickups?; Lapham: Then and now.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Out these I'll look. We check out the brand US sales strategy. Welcome to a Friday edition of the newscast. I'm Tom -- back. Ali is the world's second largest maker of luxury cars behind rival BMW. However in the US the brand sells about half as many vehicles as BMW and Mercedes. Through October. Odious sold more than 1121000. Units in the states. But the brand has a goal of selling 200000. Vehicles in the market before twenties wanting. -- hopes to get there in part by offering diesel engines is options in a good chunk of its lineup starting next year. Executives say diesels offer 30% improve fuel economy -- comparable gasoline engines. Audi of America president Scott -- is patience. Is key part of the sales. Plan and the truth of the matter is we're heading on a record there this year we'll be up 18%. And we're heading towards 200000 units but the brutal truth of the matter is I don't think it's headless and reckless raise the sales. I think it is is a business plan. Makes money for us makes money for dealers keep customers happy. You know this industries. And flooded by people looking for out looking for short term sales that's not out his game plan. Field speaking at the Los Angeles auto show. Automakers report November US sales on Monday but forty's already projecting some big green numbers. The -- global expects a monthly record for hybrid sales more than 6000. That would top the previous figure of 5353. Units in July of 2009. In addition Ford expects to achieve a company record 11%. Share of the US electrified vehicle market. For trying to slowly chip away at Toyota which has a strong hold on that market. One thing about advertising. Sex for lack of a better word cells. Who knows that better than the folks over via. -- and this spot for the 500 -- Bartz who went viral on YouTube. So how do you follow it up. This week at the LA auto show. Fiat -- giving the media -- if this new promotion. For the -- Caprio. -- -- Fiat not stopping there. Here a driver takes the quote environmentally sexy electric 500 out on the track. But the sudden stop -- -- crew running to see what the heck went wrong. Only electric. -- were just hot hundred. Fiat also showing this video promoting the -- the end. Family friendly 500 -- and as it turns out the car may be a bit through family friendly. -- spots seduce their way on to a TV near you. Our Larry -- offers his take in a blog on our website. Auto These launches. Everything for us and there are an opportunity for us take our margin and our market share. -- -- place. That's GM North America chief mark Royce on next year's launch of the all new Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks and new suvs. In separate interview wasted GM will go for a softer look in the new pickups vs the rough and rugged looks of the past. -- telling the Wall Street Journal quote people are ready to see something beautiful. Refined. And highly engineered. It's Friday time now for Automotive News executive editor Edward -- Weekly commentary. Earlier this week -- mark forty years as a reporter editor covering the auto industry. Which may -- stop and think about how the industry's changed. Since the Monday after Thanksgiving in 19721. Hired in it Ward's automotive reports. That was still nearly a year before the first OPEC oil embargo. And the big four or the Big Three plus American motors owned the US auto industry with more than 86% of the market. Obviously that has changed. Today the Detroit three combined account for about half that share of the market. Then -- now sales were trending upwards topping twelve point six million units and the next year. Nearly breaking through the fourteen million mark for the first time. Not much different from where we are now. Back then Volkswagen was the best selling import with more than 3% of the market. Now Volkswagen division has about 3% of the market. Look as the French say. Close -- -- element shows which means the more it changes. The more it stays the same. I'm Edward lap boom in forty years later that's how I see. And here's to many many more years -- thank you very much and thank you for watching have a great weekend. We'll see you back here on Monday.

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