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Lincoln, Reintroduced (12/3/12)

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Mon, 3 Dec 2012|

Brand launches biggest ad campaign in history; Lexus sees 10% U.S. sales gain next year; Fourth recall for Ford crossover


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back on this Monday I'm Jennifer -- coming up. Marketing news from Ford's luxury brand linking. But first top headlines. Owners who replaced vehicles demons by super storm CB. Are expected to help propel November's sales to the best monthly pace in more than forty years. US light vehicle deliveries likely rose 12%. Last month to 11 million. That's the average about estimates by ten analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. November's seasonally adjusted annualized selling rate may rise to fifteen million. Bloomberg also reports -- November's sales increase mean we all auto makers with a gain of 33%. Monthly sales are being reported today. You can find complete coverage at other -- is expects its US sales to Ryan's next year even -- taxes increase for the wealthy. The brands global marketing chief mark template and says lots of volume may gain at least 10% into when he thirteen. That's according to Bloomberg. Lexus sales are up 24%. Through October. Template -- quote. I think that we and every one -- project that we're still going to see good consisting growth in the industry. Our wealthy clients have remained that way and they've been shown to be pretty resilient. Discussions in Washington in -- avoiding the automatic takes increases and spending cuts didn't taking effect in January. Have deadlocked over tax rates for the top 2% of wage owners in the country. And forward is voluntarily recalling about 801213. Ford Escape crossovers. And if -- fusion sedans. That's because that one point six liter engines and those vehicles may overheat and cause fires. According to the Associated Press corps has received reports of twelve fires in escapes and one in infusion. No injuries have been reported. This is the fourth time the escape has been recalled. Since its debut this brain. Let's turn now to big marketing news out of Lincoln. This about moving full. On the back. Lincoln today at launching their biggest ad campaign in the brands 97 year history. It's titled introduced being -- -- motor company. The broad multi media app for it includes three new TV commercials. They want -- had in the upcoming Super Bowl. Full page print -- papers like USA today and new website. Ford's CEO Elmo lolly and global linking chief Jim -- Will host a press conference at Lincoln Center in New York today. All of this taking plays as -- prepares to launch it's to thirteen and can seize it and Lincoln marketing bonds and Matt and hike saying quote. Ford has been completely reinvented. And now it's time to do that quickly gain. The racked over Lincoln's US sales are down 15%. That because the brand on pace for around 73000. Sales in 2012. And that number would be less than a third of Lincoln's peak sales year 1990. When 232000. Units first sold. We'll have much more on the new linking campaign this afternoon I'm on the news now. Finally if first shift but note we recently told you about the Los Angeles auto show design contest which this year's theme. Challenge automotive design studios to create a highly patrol vehicle of the future. That winner Subaru for -- shark. That short to first Subaru highway automated response -- that. That is -- time for now will -- Tuesday morning.

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