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November Winners, Losers (12/4/12)

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Tue, 4 Dec 2012|

Fiat takes sales-growth crown, Jaguar tumbles; spiffs that 'shocked' GM; students to set out to make Chevy Malibu greener.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello and welcome good to stated -- her shift and Jennifer bond coming up. Students -- re engineer a Chevy Malibu more and that after your headline. Let's start with a closer look at yesterday's US auto sales report for November. And at what month it was. This seems adjusted annual sales rate fifteen point 56 million. That was the strongest in nearly five years. And overall industry sales rose 15%. That was higher than most forecasts an amount that was expected to show a rebound from super storms -- destruction in in October. The biggest winner -- there's -- to more than doubling it's sales. Porsche. March at Subaru and again followed. Jaguar off 22%. Led the losers. Linked in Mitsubishi. Wind rover in -- were also down. Workers at the Ohio factory that builds the Chevrolet Cruz we'll get extended time off later this month. This as General Motors tries to balance inventory with demand. According to a memos sent to workers on Monday. The more film factory will be titled the week of December 17. That's in addition into the traditional two week holiday brain. -- sales rose 27%. In November. And are up 1% this year. Separately the Wall Street Journal reporting that a second date GM plant in the U -- also made an idol. GM saw its sales rise 3% in November. But an unexpected decline in pick up sales left GM with small in truck inventories. GM blamed in 8% drop in pick up sales. I'm happy incentives offered by Ford Chrysler and other rivals in the full size pick up market. US sales chief -- eighties -- GM executives were quote. She not to seek racers -- agent offer spot a thousand bucks a unit in incentives he said -- We don't think that's sustainable. A Chrysler spokesman said that incentives and -- 2012 trucks. Are with few hundred dollars of this -- offered by competitors. And their 2012. And eight retail note. Don't -- dealers solutions is launching a dealership management this down. Did you heavy weights ADP dealer services and Reynolds and Reynolds. It's their first significant new -- that's offering in more than a decade. The product is hosted off site and is built on Microsoft's newest business and accounting platform. Students from fifteen universities across North America. Are we engineering age thirteen Chevy Malibu. The goal to make it greener. Our next generation controls its renewable fuels and Advanced Battery Technologies to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This is all part of eagle Khartoum. 83 here advanced vehicle technology engineering contest sponsored by GN and the US Energy Department. New to this year's challenge. Designing this center console. Brian -- -- argon national laboratory which manages the kind task explains. This that are stacked. Is basically to our hardware platform and the student. Our hat to. Would it developing software to to run on that platform that everything from. -- little communication innovate with the vehicle all the way to. That's where graphic that there on the arm. Touch screen. 24 year old -- scamper from Colorado State University. Talks about his team's idea. We would like to introduce. Hillary HDMI input. So that gives you the ability to run. Basically any device. Through the main system -- -- PlayStation or expose everything like that. This of course he says is targeted for passengers. Students are currently -- limit on your Q. And a contest. It -- different yen and other sponsors to recruit future talent. Our -- says more than a hundred students from the previous eagle cart contacts have landed jobs at TN. And we invite you to follow us on Twitter at first underscores yet have a great day.

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