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One EV Battle Gets Ugly (12/5/12)

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Wed, 5 Dec 2012|

Nissan, Fiat tangle over styling; nearly all Suzuki dealers say yes to wind-down offer; Subaru expansion; Mercedes 'Bowl' goal.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for joining us on this Wednesday I'm Jennifer bond. Later we're neighbors say he has up its clean first Super Bowl forty setting. But first today's top news stories. A war of words is escalating between -- on and he -- the issue a vehicle's styling. Neil's son of blasting the Italian automaker Ford three day at the luck indeed some -- Nissan spokesman -- -- telling Automotive News you're out. Let's face it Fiat has not shied away from controversial styling themselves. Many would describe many at their products says visual pollution. Take a lot of hard look at that he had don't blow. -- yet spokesman declined to comment. -- -- came in response tech comments by fiat product marketing head Matt Davis. Before last month debut of the all electric PS 500 eat at Los Angeles auto show. Davis telling Bloomberg. Let's be honest ugliness is probably one of the worst forms of pollution. -- has named eight new senior VP of US and Canadian sales and marketing. He's posing Munoz who is now -- senior vice president Overland in America. He spent the past three years helping us a little -- need -- position as Mexico's biggest brand. Munoz will replace -- Brian and Caroline who is retiring. Americans Suzuki says that 213. Of its 219. US auto dealers. Have agreed to wind down you've vehicle sales operations. In exchange for cash and may only contracts. The company filed for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection on November 5. Suzuki has asked dealers to surrender their franchise agreements. In exchange for a cash settlement. And new contracts to run Suzuki person's service outweigh. Businesses real strong for us that's allowing us to expand our manufacturing capacity of our factor in Indiana. -- -- crew is taking steps to expand its Indiana assembly plant. This as the auto maker seeks to boost US output to curb currency losses and meet growing demand for its model. Town -- hue -- US executive vice president and chief operating officer. Revealing the plan Tuesday in interviews with Bloomberg radio in the NBC. US demand for -- -- is all wheel drive cars and light trucks have risen 29%. This year. Andy used car dealers may not -- and more warranty information to window stickers. That's one of the preliminary changes approved by the Federal Trade Commission. Another change shoppers would be encouraged to seek out vehicle histories. Such as those offered by car facts. A new car near the stadium and celebrities. Those are some of the things Mercedes Hansen it's suitable arsenal. Our affiliate advertising age with Mercedes and USA wants you can't name. Canon says the company will use February's big gains to introduced -- see only a four door coup. The concept it revealed this brain at the Beijing auto show. The German carmaker has said it will be priced below this he class. And hopes that Super Bowl will -- not the brand -- wider audience. The average buyer's age for this -- plans fifties. Canon says he thinks that the LA we'll bring in those in their thirties and forties. Using celebrities in its advertising will help attract a younger audience that. News reports again and usher and model Kate -- will be featured in the new effort. And this Super Bowl has become a big marketing venue for many carmakers in the past two years. But Mercedes -- -- others don't. Its name on the superdome in New Orleans where suitable forty savage people take place. VW Hyundai Kia and forest newly revived Lincoln brand are also expected to advertise. That is -- time for now thanks so much for watching -- see you tomorrow.

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