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Embracing Stop-Start (12/5/12)

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Thu, 6 Dec 2012|

Ford, Chrysler part of 'micro hybrid' trend; Akerson on 'fiscal cliff'; GM pickup glut; plus, a city where Hyundai never sleeps.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It sent a portable fuel saving technology. It's -- start. Dennis -- With the auto makers under the gun to boost miles per gallon it may be time to get accustomed to the sound of silence. That's that. Thanks so much for looking in on this Thursday. I'm Tom -- -- For years they've been a mainstay in Asia and Europe. Shouldn't -- Voyage to do indeed -- a tough tough question each and globally micro hybrid featuring stop start technology. Will outnumber full hybrids and -- until at least 20/20 two Sosa's IMF's research in the UK. IMF says if you lump of micro hybrids full hybrids in the beast together. Micro hybrids will account for being 9%. Of the total in 20/20 two. Compared to 77%. In twenties. And kill us. Is this is working right now. Stop start hopes the engine when the car is at a standstill. In restarts it when the driver releases the brake pedal. It's common in full hybrids but US auto makers have been slow to edit to mass market models. The 2013 Chevrolet Malibu eco in ram 15100 pick up are among the latest. Ford has -- stop start version of the 2013. Fusion a 295. Dollar option. Ford -- our program manager bear gets organ from his early feedback from consumers. Has been positive. And they tell us when that engine turns they know there's savings peel off. And they know they're doing the right thing for the environment. The fusion also available in a full hybrid. Now the final installment in our exclusive interview with -- GM CEO Dan Akerson. As our Leslie Allen reports there's a big wildcard in GM's future. No this time it's not Europe or China. It's Washington DC. I think it is serious. Bad actors to view on the so called fiscal -- A series of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes that could soon take effect. That is unless congress and the president agree on a way to cut the deficit. -- that -- get the country's fiscal house in order. That'll provide certainty that I think people. Possibly sustain this. Recovery. He says the big risk if a drop in discretionary spending translation. Less money for people to buy cars. While some experts predict sales will hit 151000000. And 2013. Actress -- -- they mark conservative fourteen to fourteen point five million. That all presupposes that we don't fall off the cliff. I think I do think that could disrupt among third quarter -- not careful what you ask for more on actress and be sure to catch our talk from the top feature and Monday's print edition up Automotive News. For Auburn is now. I'm Leslie Allen. Leslie thank you. The back on Tuesday in part one of our series with Packers and we reported GM's CEO is eager to get new versions of this Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks on the market next year. Pick ups among the company's most profitable vehicles. However GM's day's supply of pick -- in November of stood at 139. That's up from 110. In October. The ideal number is about sixty. Researcher Alan -- telling Bloomberg quote if they continue to have these high inventories. In and bring out the new product. That's going to hurt the launch. Automotive News reported in August that GM was starting to -- picked up production. Analysts expect that trend to continue. In the first quarter of next year. Finally today say cheese. Hyundai is connected cameras to its main outdoor billboard in New York's Times Square at some folks can capture images of themselves. And have them projected lie on the billboard. -- -- -- -- -- On the sports. We'll have the camera -- at lap one tomorrow for his weekly commentary. We'll see that.

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