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The Champions of MPG (12/7/12)

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Fri, 7 Dec 2012|

Prius models win efficiency race, with Ford hybrids close behind; world sees cars in black and white; Chevy's Disney debut.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The winner and still champion. A look at the cars the US says save the most fuel in runners up whose ranking is open to debate. That's that. It's good to have you with us on this Friday. I'm Tom -- back. Call it a sign of the times at the grocery store it's paper or plastic. And when your ranking fuel efficient cars nowadays. You have to ask electricity. Or gas. Among cars that still use good old fashioned gasoline. The Toyota Prius joined by the smaller Prius C have tied for top place in US fuel economy rankings. The Prius has scored fifteen miles per gallon in EPA combined highway and city drive. Just behind that duo is another tight pair. Ford's fusion and see mixed hybrids. But as we told you this morning on first shift some observers now including consumer reports. To the cars don't achieve the stated 47 miles per gallon in real world driving. All the top cars on the list are hybrids. The Lincoln M -- and Volkswagen Jetta hybrids tied for number five. Below that a three way tie among the Honda Insight. Lexus CT 200 H and Prius V. And rounding out the top ten the Lexus ES 300 age. Here -- the winners in the evening category all achieving the equivalent of more than 100 MPG. By the way we did a quick check to see who's tops among non hybrid -- electric vehicles. The winner the -- I fuel at 37 miles per gallon. Not far behind the guest version of the Smart Four Two at 36. The full report is available at fuel economy dot god. White and white pearl taking the gold medal when it comes to the world's favorite car color. That according to the 2012 DuPont automotive color popularity report. Black in black effect in the number two spot trending upward. Due to increased popularity. In the Asia Pacific market with a color has a perception of luxury. Silver in third place -- says that color peak during the start of the digital age between 2000. In 2006. A familiar sound for those of you who visit the that cut theme park at Disney world in Orlando. The redesigned test track -- open to the public Thursday. It's now presented by Chevrolet it used to be sponsored by GM as a whole. Chevy and busy designers spent eighteen months reworking the ride. Visitors can now create their own virtual custom concept vehicles. Or an opportunity to engage with the -- software. That allows him to choose -- it's their most important to them in the future -- just. Folks here and then take their rides first -- on the track hitting speeds of up to 65 miles per hour. Speaking of fast I spoke too soon yesterday promising Atlantans weekly commentary for today and is off but we'll join us again next. Have a great weekend we'll see you soon.

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