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GM’s Akerson: Employees are ‘agents of change’

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Thu, 6 Dec 2012|


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not a part one of our discussion with GM CEO Dan Akerson he sat down with the Automotive News last week. For progress report on General Motors are Leslie Allen has more. You can't just dictate from the thirty Ninth Ward one thing's pretty clear Dan Akerson wants cultural change at General Motors. I hear these stories of what it was like five in ten years ago with the personalities and egos which analysts tower. There is a there is a harmony in any case. Synchronous. Aspect to the way that this company is working that really. Makes me proud. Akerson says he's kind of events that people are starting to feel empowered -- General Motors. They are agents of change. That they aren't held back by. Well that's way we've always done it thinking there and and and and is it I don't you can bring me and I could be gone tomorrow. The besieged and planet. And it goes in and nothing. Motivates people like. Of bankruptcy. And the anxiety and fear and quite frankly the embarrassment and the disappointment of it and I would say. This generation of GM employees is highly motivated. To improve. Not repeat the mistakes of the past. And -- from our fresh thinkers that. -- on his agenda. An aggressive schedule of vehicle launches into money thirteen. Including on versions of GM's pickups and suvs. We've had the quote unquote oldest portfolio in the marketplace that will radically change over the next twelve. 24 months. But the 64 year old actress and says he likes challenges. A big one. Bringing GM's once recommended back office operations into alignment. We need to fix some fundamentals here and we are in that will make us a much better competitor. In ways that. The car guys never could've imagined. How deep will it go this will maybe surprise you we re able if necessary to tell you the profitability by car by -- -- by then number. That's a powerful thing to say. One of his priorities besides continuing to streamline product development. -- to bring information technology and house again IT. A small. What could be written on hi -- General Motors angles back to 1980. Whenever we bought EDS. Strategic error. To see to buy it basically push all your people. Into this. EDS. This navy veteran compares farming out IT. -- the military hiring another country to do the work of the Marines. Information technology he says should be at the core of an automaker just like engineering or design. In our next installment. There's no other car like this ever. Akerson talks technology. Products and his goals for Cadillac. For Auburn is now I'm Leslie Allen. About a year after Dan Akerson took the reins at GM in late twenties had he famously declared. I am not a car guy. Despite that there are some products even a non car guy can get excited about. Here's Leslie L with part two of our exclusive interview with -- Near the top of that person's list. The plug in Chevy -- Last week consumer reports -- 92%. Of -- owning subscribers who responded to a survey. Said they will buy the car again. An actress then -- he can't resist the little bragging. We've taken so much grief for this. A five bucks compares that at one end -- staying together it's great 92 say it's great the other say it's good. There's no other car like this ever. I mean. They've taken so much heat on this report that ever bought. There is a problem. Problem is not making a lot of money. And me in any. In this second generation we think we're gonna take out some number on the order five to 101000 dollars depending on volume. See the full -- -- -- proselytizing this is unique car that has won this event. That's the cost at its current five. Now last for the Chevy Malibu it's gotten mixed reviews and that hasn't escaped the attention of the CEO. He says he personally liked the car. Nonetheless. We are going to. -- mid cycle on enhancement. Not dramatic by this time next year. And with efforts to create a global presence for Seve well underway. Akerson wants the same for GM's luxury mark Cadillac. Leading the charts. Caddies global chief Bob Ferguson his appointment raised eyebrows because Ferguson's background is in public policy and Telecom. They have global experience. Something the boss considers vital in an executive. Where regional brand. And to be a global brand in -- global. Oversight -- -- oversight and Bob has that assignment. Akerson says one way Cadillac can compete is by targeting younger buyers this segment of the luxury brand we need to be successful. Is in the small like -- Segment and that's the -- yes still he's beating up a whole lineup. Right now we are now have product and 80%. These luxury market we weren't there before. And that includes the PTS which is due for -- fresh next year. The mid luxury XTS. A new escalade SUV doings -- -- thirteen. And the plug NE LR. It's probably the best portfolio we've had been. The generation. To go back that far. Now we also ask -- about his views on technology. He says look for radical changes in the next few years -- GM in the forefront. Taylor crying and he says -- apples -- voice recognition system into cars is just the earth that. If you abroad and someone from apple here five years ago this whole industry would be radically different in this area of infotainment. And that's what we have quietly done. We've got people in from Lucent's bell labs. Some of the cares it's okay. Green sheet of paper -- clean sheet of paper. Go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or whether Ford doesn't or. Won't like does it will be it'll come faster than people think -- Later this week Akerson on car sales and the dangers of this booklet. For -- and is now I'm Lesley hale. Now the final installment in our exclusive interview with -- GM CEO Dan Akerson. As our Leslie Allen reports there's a big wildcard in GM's future. No this time it's not Europe or China. It's Washington DC. I think it is serious. And that's -- view on the phone call fiscal -- A series of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes that could soon take effect. That is unless congress and the president agree on a way to cut the deficit. -- that -- get the country's fiscal house in order. That'll provide certainty that I think people. Possibly sustain this. Recovery. He says the big risk if a drop in discretionary spending translation. Less money for people to buy cars. While some experts predict sales will hit 151000000. And 2013. Act person sees -- more conservative fourteen to fourteen point five million. That all presupposes that we don't fall off the cliff. I think I do think that could disrupt among third quarter -- not careful what you ask for more on actress and be sure to catch our talk from the top feature and Monday's print edition -- Automotive News. For -- and is now. I'm Leslie Allen.

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At the union bargaining convention in March delegates may clear they want higher pay. Andy rollback of the entry level here to pay scale. This summer labor negotiations. Come as Detroit automakers are once again making lots of money. Ford recently reported its 23 consecutive profitable quarter. When you look at it we'd always rather be making profits than not. And it's always a good time to talk about how improved business together both for employees and for the ongoing success the rabbit. Here it says that since when he less fame board has added more than 151000. US factory jobs. In invested more than think the billion dollars in its US plan. Along the way union employees have each received more than 40000 dollars in profit sharing and lump sum both benefit. What we've done together over the last 789 years here in North America has worked for everybody's benefit. Wanna make sure we learned from the past but also maintain competitiveness going forward also make sure all of stickler for sharing in the success of Ford. While hindrance to won't divulge details of Ford's bargaining plan. Some analysts say Detroit auto makers want to keep annual labor cost increases to about their rates of inflation. As for his message to those on the other side of the table. It'll be all about let's listen to each other and find solutions there's always a solution ample pars 12 were defined it and and I'd investments at my jobs were created about Procter and we've had all been a part of this successfully working together. The united with a big part of our transformation here in North America report them in a big part of our future. In the months ahead Henry is also looking to squeeze more products out of the automaker's plan. The Ford brand that's in April record in the U wet for suvs and crossover sales. Despite the fact that company is capacity constrained and several nameplate. Including the expedition and explore in this case. Hendricks telling us quote we're selling August 8 and and Casey's that we can produce. We work and really arbatov supply base and our manufacturing plants to increase our capacities especially in the truck and SUV system which is where the industry has been hot. We don't have any plans to introduce a new plants were working really hard on getting more out of what we have. As a result Hendrix says Ford is getting creative on the factory floor. So especially our truck plants or should be plants have been working on increasing line rates going to tag relief for or working in different shift patterns. Or doing other things cutting equipment to be able to produce more and so far he's been delivering that but how much more. It's hard to get to the point percent out of out of line rate when you've already made improvements but we certainly can get more than 12%. Cameron that ranges and on what plant but product to where we need it. And Hendrick and vehicle that had been rolling out the outline our meeting expectation. Of buyers. In the first quarter of the model year 2015. Quality with that you've ever seen and measured by the data we get. From our customers or contains some very good progress on the quality here in North America. Anything you compare. In recent years the Ford brand of ruffled with infotainment system glitches. Which hurt the marks scores in the highly regarded it JD power initial quality study. But it hit Eric says last year may have been eight turning point. If you look at 2014. In the data all right you have survey that we can you move from 27 sixteen actually works tightly about. Industrial average and the Ford brand Lincoln brand actually made the top ten so we are pleased that progress. Not satisfy the court because they wanna continue to move toward the top and our expectations will be based on the data we're seeing in the quite level we're seeing today though continues to progress. In those kind of external surveys while they were seeing internally. The next IQs study is scheduled to be released in June meantime hit Eric says there's still room for four to grow its sales in the US market. Thanks to low interest rates in dropping unemployment. And the potential for wage growth nationwide. They were watching both the US news and.

  2. Smart Use of Phones, Sales Teams Lift Wash. Stores

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    Our best practices series continues I'd Tom Moore back. In our last installment we talked about the value of face to face discussions at Auburn Volkswagen just south of Seattle Washington. And that theme of exchanging information. Carries over to this report. Today we're heading north of the emerald city to check in with two dealership groups. At Dwyane Lane's family of auto senators many of the group's top communicators are greeting clients in this service drop it. But will begin at Hyundai of Kirkland and Ford of Kirkland. That's where employees and customers are spending time together in front of a camera lens. It's all in an effort to grow the companies fail. When you buy cars not just playing carbon divine relationship. And dealer Jim wall and says those bonds begin to blossom immediately after the sale. Is the coolest and I regret that. Eight. It again this time. Mind you are. About six months ago Wallin teams started using the Smartphone cameras to capture happy customers during the delivery process. The chronicles of form and it makes the relationship special. Employees quickly post the pictures and videos to the group's social media platforms. And they. Dropping leaves. Staffers also use the hash tags FO OK for Ford of Kirkland and H okay. For Hyundai of Kirkland to help users find messages with dealership. In the of course our customers are invited to then take that picture isn't so pencil in his car and the viewership fluent background. And cheer them on their social media with their friends and and so forth and again does that answer grams is there. Twists of them pounding. Integrate with social media is that winners FaceBook. With almost covered including of course the YouTube approximately 50%. Of buyers pose for the camera. We have something that they can share with their friends they can see themselves and you know. There and with my new car and there's a chance part of the sales process was handled on this a Microsoft surface tablets. Let's talk computers. I've become. Ups and it seems like in a matter of months these things so late last year wall and said he'd split the cost of the tablets with staffers. Roughly 300 bucks a sales employee can purchase of surface for use at home. And work. Who have business development and ensure that. Says that the basic parameters of what we'd like to see which answer might have wallet is seeing increase productivity in the show world. You can have interaction in any way you won't customers so there immediately connected to the Internet and we run them through about 12100 vehicles and unused and you know where that vehicle might be located. Description of the vehicle. What's coming in. That part of it taking the moon. Please some pressures fifteen of 45 sales employees are toting the tablets. Now from the show room to service and that. Tunneling is president of Dwyane Lane's family of Ottawa Senators in Everett Arlington and seeing globally. He was recently discussing growth plans with his team. As you know we have a lot of people and our service drive puck we're not capturing those people that are automatically coming in fifty to sixty people a day during one month. Vehicles coming in for service averaged 70000. Miles on the odometer. So those people need a car. And they know where we are they drive our brands and they like doing business with so late in decided to approach service customers differently. They realize that the best service advisor in the world is probably not your best salesperson your best salesperson will probably who would be your best service advisor. And so we. Mandated and schedule. Our sales staff into our service drive it as as breeders' lane says it is time well spent. Finally after asking people to do it for a long time we finally tied to their compensation plan and rewarded them positively. For doing that for spending time inside powers are mr. And our reasoning was to sell more cars because of I did have a sales who has trained. To meet and greet and inquire and qualify. He kept a customer on the on the sales lot and why can't they do it. In the service plane and preparing them for their service experience after welcoming service customers and offering them a lot today. Sales staffers often asked the question. What are your plans for this vehicle. What we found out is that there's a lot of people who come into a service department but will kind of stay away from the showroom floor because it's not their favorite experience. And this allowed us to break down those walls. And find the customers weren't looking to do something and they were just asked in an unassuming friendly way and it's led to a number of our deals. Lane says there is and other benefits of integrating the sales team in the service. What that did for the service advisor by the time the consumer. In the service customer got to their service advisor. Appointment there was no adversary relationship. It was welcome we are gonna fix this they're happy with their coffee they were relaxed. Six months into the process. Lane is seeing benefits across the war. My hours Ferraro. Without any other real changes other than effort and focus always on your hours Ferraro and injured and your customer experience. If it's gone up about four tenths of an hour. So we we liken to that just to the customer experience and that's the major change that we've done is that greeted by the sales staff. So we think that is quantifiable about four times now. The new core business pressures up about 25%. Are new car business the last six months is up about. Thirty to 40%. Lane says sales consultants now have a greater appreciation of the volume of customers who role in the service. Especially during the morning hours. He says employees in both departments truly values this program. Many thanks for joining us we'll see you again soon.

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    Welcome to a new season of best practices. I've Tom Moore back. Throughout 2015 will visit dealerships across the country showcasing innovative techniques taking place both inside. It outside of stores. And will begin our track in Dublin Ohio near Columbus. Many big firms are headquartered in Dublin including Cardinal Health Wendy's and Stanley steamer. According to the US Census Bureau from 2009 for 2013. Dublin's median household income was it had over 113. Thousand dollars more than twice the state average. Wire we disgusting these demographics. Well there is a thirst for iconic cars in the region. That's where the sixteen franchise mid western auto group or bag fits it. Over the years bag this whole mainstream vehicles such as many ups and volkswagens to its customers. Many of them grow into more luxurious BMW's. And Audi. And some graduate too exotic cars we're talking Aston Martin's Bentley Lamborghini. And more. And as you see mag is intensely focused on servicing those super cars both now in in the future. So the growth is opening its doors in two key area. First to high school students who are eager to become technicians. And second. High line rides themselves. I love this job it's. Like that like I've said before it's like an amusement park it's a new ride every day. On this frigid February afternoon. How low key is getting behind the wheel of an Aston Martin DB. He carefully accelerates the gas didn't creeping over a fresh blanket of snow. Moments later O'Keefe pulled over to ramp of a long car carrier. Positioning his head outside the driver's side window hope he pulls the pricing automobile inside. No room for error here the worst. Ignited burning car that we have is the leverage any event adored that cleared on that cars are very slim between indoors you have inches between each side. It can get loans to Iraq. Once loaded O'Keefe hops in the truck in transports service cars back to their owners. He also that's your experience he rides that he'd oil changes in other maintenance. It's all part of megs of ballet program for highlighting driver. They. Tried to keep these cars beautiful life they are. So that's what we strive to do for them to keep things nice as you can see you mid western auto group uses covered car hauling trailers. And there are few good reasons why. You know gets no rain bird dropping acid rain. Stone chips. Anything hazardous dropping off of other semis. And open carrier court sure. Open to any of those road hazard. Begged general manager Barry Lester says the group charges a 250. Dollar fee for each round trip. That's on top of normal service does it costs. Since debuting in the valley program in Dublin in 2009. The number of monthly pick ups and drop offs has doubled to nearly sixty. And meg recently added a second carrier they have driver to handle the increase in business. The program is now offered in more than five states. It's word of mouth pretty much most of these people talk to each other. And you know it's been well well I communicated up amongst the high line customer. Fixed operations boss Bob crow shores is the service program. Is luring new car shoppers from other regions. Maybe wouldn't buy a car from us. Because it too far away. Now we have transport services easy for them to do business that makes a big difference and the ability to sell cars that are maybe in Cleveland or Indianapolis or even removal because it's easier for them to do service office. Bags sold 3900. Knew it used vehicles last year. A 15%. Jump from 2013. In the service department is hopping. Filled with porches must erotic Bentley Ferrari in Lambert. Mean since the inception of this or service department has game in the last four years. Periodically by your about 13% per year so. If you put that in a four years they were up about. 52%. Over the last four years in service gross and parts so a good job. Lester says recruiting and retaining service staffers is a top priority. We have 225. Employees here at this facility now. In. 65%. Of those or after sales technician parts and service so about three years ago. Bag develop a service apprenticeship program. We have kids coming here from high school. Around between one to a clocked at working before 5 o'clock in the evening. After you're done with their classes soul and more pain and means there's so you're earning a paycheck in. Some tenure here high school senior Johnson Cuevas. You learn so much more hands on me do actually have school. Pulled out dollar. On this day John C is working alongside certified portion attack and mentor Nicholas abundant ball. It's very important to feel pass on the knowledge to younger. Not that get passed on every Angela dial off there'll be. History anymore so far seven apprentices have been hired as tax. Back to the man who helps keep the base busy most of my customers. Well first name basis Tom OK you've had some amusing wrote stories. One was entered customers' card back and got cornered in a car for about a half hour by three of his dogs. And they didn't quite like me being on the property whole or you're able to resolve it. The current client got his daughter on the phone we've but the phone on speaker he talked to the dogs they went McGraw played down I was able to walk out of the driveway. Good hail in the Tom is proud to say he's never had a payroll deduction due to a scratched or dented car. He's not looking forward of one. Thanks so much for watching everyone will see you soon.