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GM’s Akerson: Employees are ‘agents of change’

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Thu, 6 Dec 2012|


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not a part one of our discussion with GM CEO Dan Akerson he sat down with the Automotive News last week. For progress report on General Motors are Leslie Allen has more. You can't just dictate from the thirty Ninth Ward one thing's pretty clear Dan Akerson wants cultural change at General Motors. I hear these stories of what it was like five in ten years ago with the personalities and egos which analysts tower. There is a there is a harmony in any case. Synchronous. Aspect to the way that this company is working that really. Makes me proud. Akerson says he's kind of events that people are starting to feel empowered -- General Motors. They are agents of change. That they aren't held back by. Well that's way we've always done it thinking there and and and and is it I don't you can bring me and I could be gone tomorrow. The besieged and planet. And it goes in and nothing. Motivates people like. Of bankruptcy. And the anxiety and fear and quite frankly the embarrassment and the disappointment of it and I would say. This generation of GM employees is highly motivated. To improve. Not repeat the mistakes of the past. And -- from our fresh thinkers that. -- on his agenda. An aggressive schedule of vehicle launches into money thirteen. Including on versions of GM's pickups and suvs. We've had the quote unquote oldest portfolio in the marketplace that will radically change over the next twelve. 24 months. But the 64 year old actress and says he likes challenges. A big one. Bringing GM's once recommended back office operations into alignment. We need to fix some fundamentals here and we are in that will make us a much better competitor. In ways that. The car guys never could've imagined. How deep will it go this will maybe surprise you we re able if necessary to tell you the profitability by car by -- -- by then number. That's a powerful thing to say. One of his priorities besides continuing to streamline product development. -- to bring information technology and house again IT. A small. What could be written on hi -- General Motors angles back to 1980. Whenever we bought EDS. Strategic error. To see to buy it basically push all your people. Into this. EDS. This navy veteran compares farming out IT. -- the military hiring another country to do the work of the Marines. Information technology he says should be at the core of an automaker just like engineering or design. In our next installment. There's no other car like this ever. Akerson talks technology. Products and his goals for Cadillac. For Auburn is now I'm Leslie Allen. About a year after Dan Akerson took the reins at GM in late twenties had he famously declared. I am not a car guy. Despite that there are some products even a non car guy can get excited about. Here's Leslie L with part two of our exclusive interview with -- Near the top of that person's list. The plug in Chevy -- Last week consumer reports -- 92%. Of -- owning subscribers who responded to a survey. Said they will buy the car again. An actress then -- he can't resist the little bragging. We've taken so much grief for this. A five bucks compares that at one end -- staying together it's great 92 say it's great the other say it's good. There's no other car like this ever. I mean. They've taken so much heat on this report that ever bought. There is a problem. Problem is not making a lot of money. And me in any. In this second generation we think we're gonna take out some number on the order five to 101000 dollars depending on volume. See the full -- -- -- proselytizing this is unique car that has won this event. That's the cost at its current five. Now last for the Chevy Malibu it's gotten mixed reviews and that hasn't escaped the attention of the CEO. He says he personally liked the car. Nonetheless. We are going to. -- mid cycle on enhancement. Not dramatic by this time next year. And with efforts to create a global presence for Seve well underway. Akerson wants the same for GM's luxury mark Cadillac. Leading the charts. Caddies global chief Bob Ferguson his appointment raised eyebrows because Ferguson's background is in public policy and Telecom. They have global experience. Something the boss considers vital in an executive. Where regional brand. And to be a global brand in -- global. Oversight -- -- oversight and Bob has that assignment. Akerson says one way Cadillac can compete is by targeting younger buyers this segment of the luxury brand we need to be successful. Is in the small like -- Segment and that's the -- yes still he's beating up a whole lineup. Right now we are now have product and 80%. These luxury market we weren't there before. And that includes the PTS which is due for -- fresh next year. The mid luxury XTS. A new escalade SUV doings -- -- thirteen. And the plug NE LR. It's probably the best portfolio we've had been. The generation. To go back that far. Now we also ask -- about his views on technology. He says look for radical changes in the next few years -- GM in the forefront. Taylor crying and he says -- apples -- voice recognition system into cars is just the earth that. If you abroad and someone from apple here five years ago this whole industry would be radically different in this area of infotainment. And that's what we have quietly done. We've got people in from Lucent's bell labs. Some of the cares it's okay. Green sheet of paper -- clean sheet of paper. Go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or whether Ford doesn't or. Won't like does it will be it'll come faster than people think -- Later this week Akerson on car sales and the dangers of this booklet. For -- and is now I'm Lesley hale. Now the final installment in our exclusive interview with -- GM CEO Dan Akerson. As our Leslie Allen reports there's a big wildcard in GM's future. No this time it's not Europe or China. It's Washington DC. I think it is serious. And that's -- view on the phone call fiscal -- A series of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes that could soon take effect. That is unless congress and the president agree on a way to cut the deficit. -- that -- get the country's fiscal house in order. That'll provide certainty that I think people. Possibly sustain this. Recovery. He says the big risk if a drop in discretionary spending translation. Less money for people to buy cars. While some experts predict sales will hit 151000000. And 2013. Act person sees -- more conservative fourteen to fourteen point five million. That all presupposes that we don't fall off the cliff. I think I do think that could disrupt among third quarter -- not careful what you ask for more on actress and be sure to catch our talk from the top feature and Monday's print edition -- Automotive News. For -- and is now. I'm Leslie Allen.

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From another store someone who's been in the business for awhile because they're just not used to it you know maybe don't see how it would work for them. That's that's human staffers don't work on commission is not any focal point in its advertising. His radio are known to be fast paced and sometimes a little off the wall. And commission fully transparent answer all questions that stands. He voices that the spots and sell at a local CBS radio station just a short drive from his store. And he even writes it for a thirty seconds and at their contents usually topical. Marches here the film actually milk and the fields are small and people like. Most US don't change or add that often they I was as surprised my answer we're taught when they're stupid but there were talking about. About something that it is happening in the community. The changes all the time. And don't believe humans can talk that fast. Option mentioned president that you the biggest pressure that he regularly walled lake in the best presser that you've been given America. For generator to account. That lying about being the biggest Chrysler dodge Jeep brand dealer in walled lake. Is something issuing drives home to assess his apart from the competition he explains why. My biggest problem when I came here in 97 where people that live two miles from here that didn't know there was a car dealership in walled even though we've been here since 55. So that's why its biggest and wolf lake over and over again is that. But they gag line it's the only Chrysler dodge Jeep brand store in this city. And messaging seems to have resonated with buyers. In 1990 the dealership roughly 100 new cars a month. And when he thirteen about 160. Per month. And this year's goal. Really trying to get to 200 new cars and can't expanded that facility by about 30% to seven years ago accelerate the growth. So we can get. Thirteen or fourteen and fifteen cars in here. But she metal is just part of us now equation. Shooting continues to cultivate its handling a lot of the port customer service. We are here to help people. If you have that that we're not here to make money obviously recently we have to make proper of the dealership won't be here but the the number one thing is. We're here to to help people. That principle cemented it when the storm one at the highest honor nationally. From car dealer review website dealer dot com last year. In the overall dealer of the year and when he thirteen issue Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. That announcement made at last year's NET convention in Orlando Florida. At the time the store earned an overall star rating of four point nine fine. Also critical to running a successful business. Human it's all about expense control at a car dealership take that's fine bring. Sample I want Ed dodge and ram through it I'm too cheap to spend the money to to fix the sign so we just leave it like that. Human and his ads that he keeps his overhead loan. And that the mortgage on single point store has been long paid for in addition. I have ever dies and we hot off is that a fairly good but it. I don't understand I don't I really do not understand barbershop teeth whitening I've seen a mall that they go one in dealerships. It is hard enough. To sell cars and fix cars and keep everybody happy that's enough on anybody's plate. Assuming clearly not afraid to speak his mind and tell a few jokes. You got to try to have fun you got it and you got to try and work hard you can have fun and work hard to I really believe that. And so that's that we try to do mean it's it's it's it's a business where you've you've got to work and you gotta hustle or you're not gonna make it retail harvest. And issue was certainly hustling in 2013. In his yearlong role as chairman of this January's North American International Auto Show. Thanks for watching the dealers speaks both to UC news.

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