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EPA to Probe Ford MPG (12/10/12)

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Mon, 10 Dec 2012|

Hybrids fell short in Consumer Reports test; GM pumps up truck spiffs; Chinese firm wins A123; Caddy's custom cluster.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for joining us on this Monday I'm Jennifer bond. -- digital dash that story later on now -- daily headlines. First a follow up to last week's story and those disputed and PGA ratings for the Ford Fusion and ends the next hybrids. The US Environmental Protection Agency. -- it will review data from consumer records showing -- cars all below -- promised 47 miles per gallon. The magazine found that the fusion hybrid achieved at 39 MPG in combined city highway driving. That figure is 17%. Lower than Ford's claimed -- mileage. This C Max came in at 37 miles per gallon when you 1% -- In year out GM's ailing Opel Brandon says that constant stade de Boca factory in Germany have -- held. -- announcing today that it will end production at the plant in when he sixteen. The auto makers -- dramatic declines in the European car market and quote. Enormous overcapacity. In the entire European auto industry. The potential closure was first announced in June. In the USG. End has rolled out bigger discounts on full size pick -- And other vehicles in an effort to slash bloated inventories. He GM program that runs through January 2. Will a lot of dealers can add as much as 2000 dollars in customer -- to 2012 and when he thirteen Chevrolet Silverado is. And GMC Sierra. GM had a 138. Days' supply of the -- pick up on hand and -- November. Redesigned versions arrive next summer. GM is also sweetening lease deals on the Chevrolet Malibu crews and Travers. China's largest maker of auto parts has won an auction for it 23 says guns. It bankrupt maker of batteries for electric cars. He went to three confirming that Wong -- group's -- of 256. Point six million dollars. Talking joint bid from person maker Johnson Controls and Japan's NEC corporation. This sale did not include a 12 -- Michigan based in government business that worked for the US Defense Department. That part of the business was sold to -- -- tosses stumps for 2.2 five million dollars. And meantime not plug in hybrid maker -- errors says it is hired an investment bank Evercore Partners. To hell in search for partners and investors. But the automaker denies that -- sale of the company is under consideration. You can customize just about everything these days and Cadillac is getting buyers a way to do that's in the new XTS sedan. The -- we'll gauge cluster available the all new Cadillac next TS allows you to choose from four different layouts. That is nineteen. Ranging from many of Baltimore informative. The all of digital cluster replaces traditional analog -- And it's powered by caddies infotainment system keel or Cadillac user experience. This simple lay out shows just the basics like speed and fuel level. Here a web inspired designs for the more connected driver. A performance play out displays the cars driving dynamics. And this game more traditional look. Q is available on ax TS models with the premium or platinum trim level. Okay no one for the water cooler teaching dogs how to drive you. That's what New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is doing. And this part of a campaign to encourage more people to account and didn't pet. Stanback of love -- grain positions in the big seller right now. And that is our -- and why they -- -- In New Zealand animal parent agency has been training these dogs for the past eight weeks. You can see here this canine that they retrofitted Mini Countryman and here in steers away. -- guess you can teach an old dog new trick. And that note -- and our program we'll see you tomorrow morning.

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