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Obama on 'Right to Work' (12/11/12)

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Tue, 11 Dec 2012|

A battle in UAW's backyard; fix for Escape, Fusion; Chrysler rehires workers seen in TV expose; Maserati's Porsche fighter.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good feel on this Tuesday I'm Jennifer bond. Muscle Ronnie is portion fighter that story coming up here now are daily headlines. I just gotta say this what we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away. Your rights to bargain for better way to. And Barack Obama throwing his support behind union. Finding a drive to enact so called right to work laws in Michigan. This adds up to 101000 workers from throughout the midwest are expected to march on the state capital of Lansing today. Under right to work legislation. And police can't be required to join a union or pay union dues. The president weighed in on the Republican led an effort while visiting a dialer truck engine plants outside Detroit on Monday. This so called right to -- that they're gonna do with the economic very very new to politics. Other matters. -- give you the right to work for less money. -- -- home to the United Auto Workers Union could become the 24 right to work state by midweek. Some say the move could deal is stunning blow to the power of organized labor -- you west's. -- software glitch. That's what Ford says -- -- fact that brings the risk of fire in its newly launched escape and fusion models. The software monitors that vehicles cooling systems. Ford has recalled nearly 90000 escapes and few -- he quipped with a turbocharged one point six -- and Jane. Automaker says it will update -- software and -- affected models. This story in general many of overreaction on our web sites. More than a dozen Chrysler a public can't workers had been reinstated in their jobs by an arbitrator. Those workers were fired in 2010. After being filmed by a Detroit TV station drinking alcohol and smoking during their brain. The UAW filed grievances on behalf of the fired workers. And a third party arbitrator agreed with the union. That's what had improperly terminated. The employee. And now it's played it to be acquired by China's wind -- group. You want to three says downs won't get the remaining half of a 249. Million dollar grant for only US government. Meantime the US based Johnson Controls which won't -- bid to -- the battery makers and a sad isn't getting up. One executive telling the Wall Street Journal. James CIA would still be interstate at that want to show sale fails to win regulatory approval. He said quote. I don't believe this is done yet. He not luxury brand monster Roddy is challenging Porsche for performance oriented buyers. Month the Roddy unveiled its console port -- for a door flagship in -- France yesterday. Bloomberg says that 193000. Dollar sports car. We'll rival the Porsche Pan American Turbo. The clutch report today is built on a Chris or 300 -- chassis. And the Tianjin. Their ballots by Ferrari. Month the Roddy expects that -- generation of the car. How the brand boost global annual sales to fifty fouls and -- 2015. Last year's total nearly 6200. This grows as a challenge for which -- -- he has carefully prepared itself. Bloomberg says -- watch report came which will be show next month's Detroit auto show. Not a series of six new models from Gaza -- they'll be introduced over the next four years. Finally. Last week we asked you to tell us the name gives us and for your car here are some the baton. Slugger is the name of eight when he thirteen Ford Escape from -- I don't DBA. Rick fuel in 1970 to show bell asked -- called titan. And Fritz is the name of a 1968. VW beetle -- he worked and GL and -- ever going to share. And edit their time for now we'll see you tomorrow.

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