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Big Appetite for Apps (12/11/12)

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Tue, 11 Dec 2012|

Carmakers tapping into upgradeable entertainment; fleet operators sue over Nissan NYC taxi; Porsche, Benz 'Best of the Best.'


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- explosion. Why we might be seeing a lot more finger smudges on -- -- strains. That's next. Hello and welcome back to a Tuesday edition of auto news now I'm -- Snyder in today for Tom war back. Back to that infotainment story in just a moment first a look at what else is making news. Some New Yorkers are hailing the decision to designate the Nissan NV 200. As the Big Apple's official taxicab. In fact taxi fleet operators are suing the city. Bloomberg says the plaintiffs include taxi fleet management LLC. And the committee for taxi safety. Among their complaints they say the Nissan vehicle is untested in city stop and go traffic. And wouldn't be able to withstand years abuse is a cab. New York's law department says the suit lacks merit. By the way the NB 200 is also an adopted as a black cab for the city of London. You're looking at the urban suvs concept. Honda planning to unveil the -- sub compact which is smaller than the CRV. Next month at the Detroit auto show it could provide him at a cross over the on this planning to build in Mexico starting -- -- fourteen. That car based on the fifth. There may soon be some land rovers on the assembly line in Saudi Arabia. Jaguar Land Rover signing a letter of intent with the Saudi government. The one point two billion dollar plan could eventually make jaguars as well. Board of thanks today from the had a Volkswagen. CEO -- winner corn telling 151000. Workers in Germany that 2012. Was a very good year for the auto maker. But he also warned of difficult times ahead. Winner -- saying quote. One thing is certain. 2013. Will be a tough year for the automobile industry as a whole and for us at will play in two. He says PW is outperforming the overall market global sales of the Volkswagen brand. Rose eleven point 5% last month on strong demand in China and the US. Now back to our lead story if you've noticed more people tapping on the information screens in their cars lately. There's a good reason for that. I -- -- research a UK based affiliate of I HS here in the United States. Is predicting an explosion of in car apps in the North American market. That's what -- driving a these -- is toward towards me. Needing to have systems that are all upgrade able. I'll uptight to belated elect on the physics and it is becoming harder and -- etc. it's not a market right get into the car. IMS senior analyst Jack -- says within five years 92%. Of new car entertainment units will feature apps. Police say -- -- -- But there is one potential problem and that's cars that feature version of maps that are specific to just one auto maker. Not the versions you can simply download from an App Store. What happens to them over the lifetime of the vehicles say when the car is in the resale market. -- -- -- -- to the ongoing. And the ongoing maintenance and opt rights and you know I'm creation of new apps as well. You know the significance team despite its bright spots meeting you know that people are upset and diet necessary not to be -- the popular apps to march. He says there may be little financial incentive for auto makers to continue to support the gaps. I am -- high and companies such as air equity and -- -- which helped integrate standard apps into the car. And before we leave you a quick look at the vehicles that have just been named best of the best buy -- sister publication auto week and the winners are. For best car the redesigned Porsche boxed or else and the best truck the Mercedes-Benz. GL SUV. And that's -- time for today remember you can follow us on Twitter at auto news TV. We'll see you back here tomorrow.

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