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Car, Truck Award Finalists (12/12/12)

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Wed, 12 Dec 2012|

Fusion, Accord, ATS contend for annual prize as Ram 1500 takes on Ford, Mazda; Toyota glitch fix; Bill Ford's new ride.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And then they're worth it. The final contenders for one of the industry's most coveted prizes. That's meant. Wednesday twelfth twelfth 2012. Welcome to the newscasts I'm Leslie Allen and today for Tom -- back. Let's get right to the finalist for the North American car and truck of the year awards. In -- car category. The Cadillac ATS. Ford Fusion. And Honda Accord. And then the truck category. The fourth seed Max -- the CX five. And the ram 15100. That's why winners are chosen by jury a 49 automotive journalists. And the winners will be announced January 14 at the Detroit auto show. It was a safety problem -- not by regulators or auto maker but by consumer reports. Consumer reports found a safety problem with emergency trunk release -- back in October the magazine discover the release handle that easily break. And that's -- thirteen Lexus ES and GS. Today comes word that Toyota will launch a customer service campaign in January. Alerting 700000. Lexus owners about the problem. Consumer reports says the auto maker Wallace all in more robust released him. Be affected vehicles are the 2013 GS. 2007. To 2013. ES. And 20062012. I S. Consumer reports testing director Jake Fisher says he uncovered the problem -- his four year old son became trapped. After snapping off the lever in an ES test car. But all of the well Fisher even managed to joke about the incident in October when addressing the automotive press association in Detroit. Because it's there and I did let out out of the trunk. And he's doing good fun. Now Toyota has confirmed the service campaign. But in a statement to the Detroit news stressed that the lever only broke when polled in the wrong direction. Ever wonder what this. Hasn't commented with this. The common ingredient this carbon fiber. The BM WI three and IE eight due to be released late next year. We'll have a carbon fiber bodies. And Boeing 787. Dreamliner. Is 50% carbon fiber. Now BMW and Boeing have forced an alliance. The companies say they will work together to research carbon fiber recycling. Sarah manufacturing knowledge. And explore automation opportunities. BMW NS GL group by the way have a carbon fiber plant in Boeing's home state of Washington. A couple of other items that news first an early read on December US auto sales from Wells Fargo. Analyst Richard -- projecting it seasonally adjusted annual sales rate in the low fifty million -- -- that would be the second highest this year. November's saar was fifteen point six 1000000 December sales expected to benefit from replacement demand. And strong incentives. Finally why is built -- smiling. He's selling off a 1903. Ford model may be bought and offs in an October. It's considered the oldest surviving board vehicle. You read it. Or it. Seen here posing with cousin -- That the timing was perfect. The family is celebrating the 150. Anniversary of the birth of my great grandfather had been -- And that's our time for today. Comes back in the studio tomorrow -- the event.

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