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Nissan Raises Bet on EVs (12/13/12)

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Thu, 13 Dec 2012|

U.S. output of Leaf set to begin, an e-Infiniti for 2014; Acura’s temptress; black box privacy concerns; Indy embraces alternative fuels


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did they say edition of first shift and Jennifer bond. Coming up what city's ambitious green goal. We'll tell you more -- today's top news stories. -- all of the Nissan leaf that may be sluggish. But that hasn't stopped the automaker from boosting its bets on electric vehicles. The Bloomberg reports the automaker has begun producing lithium ion battery packs at a plant in Smyrna Tennessee. EUS -- and worth as much as one point four billion dollars is hoping the project. The leafs themselves will be building and stores starting early next year. CEO Carlos going saying quote. The opening of this facility in Tennessee supports our goal of making -- emissions mobility your reality. Through American jobs and American manufacturing. Nissan also announcing yesterday that it will sell in all electric infinity model and when he fourteen. And add another electric car to its line up two years after that. In -- meanwhile Nissan parent Renault is also seeking to boost its investment in future products. They're French auto maker hopes to raise about one point nine billion dollars. By selling its remaining six point 5% stake in Volvo trucks. Add another voice to the chorus calling for privacy assurances. As data recording devices in vehicles become mandatory. That he -- news says the president of AAA Robert Arnold name is on congress to pass legislation and that quote. Prohibits access to data without permission from the owner or from a court order. Unless the data is used for research purposes and cannot be tracked please single vehicles. The US wants the so called black boxes installed on all vehicles built after September -- -- fourteen. Most have them already. And finally own proportions. Smooth arching body lines what's super model might may be referring to. -- guys that parents description in other prototype for the 2014 and that concept it will be shown at next months teach -- auto show. Within fifteen years gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Could be about lust for the Indianapolis. Municipal fleets. At least that's what the city's chief executive is planning for. Given current technology. The time to begin this process. Now Republican mayor Greg Ballard. An executive order yesterday. -- the city to replace it non police fleet us a hundred cars with electric or plug in hybrid vehicles. And this. By 120 fine. This city also working to convert 200 heavy duty vehicles. But just snow plows and trash trucks to run comprised natural gas. Furthermore her Indy is looking to partner with one -- more auto makers to develop a plug in hybrid only car. Its current cop cars averaged ten miles per gallon the goal at least forty MPG. Ballard's overarching aim to reduce dependence on foreign oil. The Wall Street Journal says the move marks one of the most ambitious steps toward alternative fuels like any major city. Now -- first shift that 69. That's the every day's supply of new vehicles and US dealer lots as of December 1. That's also the highest for that date since 2008. For more industry news check our website at onion dot com we'll see you tomorrow morning.

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