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GM’s Pickup Strategy (12/13/12)

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Thu, 13 Dec 2012|

New Silverado, Sierra aimed at those who use their trucks to make a living; minivan assembly reportedly halted; TV spot deemed 'Lie of the Year'


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our count competitors may think that they have smooth sailing ahead. But let me tell you the weather is about to change. -- words. General Motors unveils its next generation of full size pickup trucks. Who are the vehicles Peter -- We'll tell you that. Welcome to auditors now on this Thursday. I'm Tom warp back. Simply put this Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups are critically important to GM's bottom line. The the company's biggest profit soars but the current versions are dated oldest on the market. And that's one reason why GM's share of the full size pick up market in the US is at its lowest level in ten years. The general hoping to change all that with the redesigned versions for 24 team. The auto maker using this special effects that of all places. A film studio in suburban Detroit today for the unveiling. GM touting improved power refinement. Safety and functionality of the vehicles. The automaker says it will target buyers. Who use their trucks for a living. Silverado customers want a truck it's honest hardworking dependable just like they are when they can pastime to their children. This has been the -- Ronald mission or generations. And we will not waiver from a customer. It's been telling us for the long time a long time. That I want all the capability that exists. In in in addition to that I want -- more refined premium truck. Analysts say GM's strategy is different from Chrysler's ram with its air suspension system. And Ford within its highly successful six cylinder eco boost offering. On the top selling F 150 line. In big GM will not offer its own turbocharged six Bagger. Instead the auto maker will rely on a family of three engines. Versions of its next gen of small blocks to be -- and the six. Official mileage ratings won't be known until early next year the pickups hit showrooms in the summer. And just to give you an idea of weird GM's stands in the US full size pickup sales race. The Ford F series way out in front of the Silverado by more than 208000. Units so far this year. Then the ram the Sierra and the Toyota Tundra rounding out the top five. By now you know about the often rocky relationship between VW and Chrysler. But they do work together on this. The 2011 Tennessee. Volkswagen's -- time is based on Chrysler's minivans. The US company has been building the -- time for its German rival since 2008. At a plant in Windsor Ontario. But according to Bloomberg -- time assembly has been on hold since July and BW is negotiating with Chrysler. About the project's future. VW's is no decision has been made. There's no comment from Chrysler. The -- time is a minor player in the US minivan market. Fewer than 101000 have been sold so far this year. Far lower than the minivan sales at Chrysler Honda and Toyota. Finally just as we are putting this year's US presidential campaign behind us comes this. Political -- dot com a fact checking project of the Tampa Bay times. Maybe a car related ad from GOP candidate Mitt Romney the quote lie of the year. Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy and sold Chrysler to Italians were going to build jeeps in China. Mitt Romney will fight for every American jobs. Chrysler posted a blog from CEO Sergio Marchionne. Sitting Jeep was not shifting USG production to China. But the ad was quickly seized upon by the Obama campaign. And now after Romney's false claim the -- outsourcing to China. Chrysler itself has refuted Romney's -- The truth. -- it is adding jobs in Ohio. Don't know but Q but I'm glad it's all over. So is our time for today tomorrow at lap of its weekly commentary. We'll see that.

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