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Mercedes Concedes to BMW (12/14/12)

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Fri, 14 Dec 2012|

BMW to come out on top, Benz exec says; a look at new E-Class; Porsche ad shopping?; Ford clicks with Google users.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Things are catching -- Friday addition of Gershon -- I'm Jennifer bond. What Ford and Oscar have been Connie state -- after these headlines. Mercedes-Benz. Expects to lose its lead in the US luxury market to German rival BMW. Which is expected to be aggressive in it than -- of strategy this month. The auto makers had been in a tight race for the top spot in the competitive US luxury market. With Mercedes slightly ahead of BMW by fewer than 2000 vehicles through November. But it's how Mercedes executives said Thursday that the luxury nameplate will likely fall back. Even at that pose a record US sales. Steve cannon -- ahead of Mercedes-Benz USA -- reporters in Detroit quotes. I don't think we're going to win this -- rates this year. As at November US Mercedes sales excluding sprinter -- still nearly 246000. Vs 244000. -- BMW. Mercedes giving reporters a first look at the newly updated to fourteen. Besides new styling that cars feature in a -- of driver assistance systems. They include technologies. That can help prevent accidents with pedestrians or vehicles cropping and fronts. Active lane keeping it -- for avoiding collisions with oncoming traffic. It can't take clear continuous might -- -- lamps but cars will be shown next month at the Detroit auto show. Porsche has put -- US created advertising account into revealed. That's according -- -- sister publication advertising age. Porsche is created is currently handled by -- -- well. It's an independent Chicago agency that is expected to defend yet talents. At -- says Porsche did not respond to a request for comment. Kramer Kraft -- referred calls to external view which declined to comment. And a report out of Italy says Fiat is in talks with four banks about a possible capital increase next year. The money would allow the auto maker to buy the remaining reporting one point 5% of Chrysler. Fiat reportedly speaking as much as two point six billion dollars. The remaining Chrysler stake belongs to a UAW retiree health care trust. Fiat declined to comment on the reports. Forward -- was the most search for a car company by Americans on Google this year. That's from a search engine giant itself. Google revealing this week it's annual reports of them most popular searches by region and worldwide. Rounding out the top three search is in the auto brand category for the U last. Honda and tweet -- Google even breaking out a ranking of the top -- every car searches in the region. Reigning supreme -- -- karma plug game. They Camry hybrid and Jetta hybrid following in second and third. A look at some other region's top three car brands surgeons. In Australia. Where you better ranks first then forward and couldn. -- tops the list in Columbia followed by Mimi and I know and -- any. GM's Opel unit and BMW in reality. Google analyzing one point two trillion searches in 146. Countries. Finally -- first shift footnote. New Yorkers have another option if they want to get into the Big Apple's carpool lanes. The fourth C -- energy plug in hybrid has been approved by the new York State Department of Environmental Conservation. For use in her occupancy vehicle lane. That in -- show have a great weekend and check us out on Twitter at first underscore ship daycare.

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