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Ford's Take on MPG Gap (12/14/12)

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Fri, 14 Dec 2012|

As hybrids fall short, Ford offers theories on why your mileage may vary; Lamborghini recall; Lapham: UAW endures.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Boards violent response. After two of its newer cars fell short of MVP plays in a recent study. The automaker reiterates. The numbers can be rage. Just fit to drive a certain way that's that. Friday addition of auto news now. -- Tom -- back. What started out as a Detroit auto show preview of Ford's new commercial vehicles. Quickly turned into a miles per gallon discussion. In Ford brought the topic up. We could have -- in the vehicles. Such as C Max hybrid fusion hybrid to maximize fuel economy like some of our competitors have done. But it would have been at the expense of a fun driving experience. A quick recap. Earlier this month consumer reports found that new fusion hybrid at 39 MPG. Fell 17%. Short of the company's claim. While the C Max hybrid at 37 MPG. Fell 21%. Short of the plane. Ford advertising is that each model achieves 47 MPG. In combined city and highway driving. Our own Larry -- had experienced similar findings with -- indexed hybrid. Today Ford's product development chief Raj Nair took the stage at Ford Field in Detroit. Instead quite a few factors can affect hybrid fuel economy more so than a regular gasoline engine. -- speed going from 65 to 75 miles per hour because seven MPG difference. Outside temperature the difference between forty and seventy degrees can result in a five MPG differential. And the cars break in period from zero to 6000 miles can cause a difference of five miles per gallon. So all of that data to a seventeen mile per gallon difference -- says he's experienced all of this during his daily commute. When I'm using all of our coaching tools when I'm using our empowered gauge where I can -- throttled the man to what the electric motor can provide. On the highway when I sedated eco cruise mode with our adaptive cruise control and cruise at sixty miles an hour. I consistently hit the combined number. A -- that's not the way easily drive so when I drive that hybrid the way I got my Shelby GT 500. I typically is about twelve miles per gallon. There are serious for it is working with the EPA. To determine if any changes are needed for the industry. Relative to hybrid vehicle test. In other product news jaguar says it will not build the hybrid CX 75 super car. It's -- to global economic pressures and a lot of play in super cars from other competitors. The two -- car would have sold at prices as high as one point five million dollars. In while we're talking super cars here's something you don't see every day. Lamborghini. Issuing a recall for its 2012. A -- door. Seems the 700 horsepower and 390000. Dollar car. As a flaw in the headlights. At story from the Wall Street Journal. It is Friday in here's Automotive News executive editor at overlap. This week with something of a milestone as Michigan became the 24 state to -- right to work legislation. It got a lot of national pension because organized labor especially the UAW. Has been in major political force in Michigan for decades and this was a significant political defeat. But don't be fooled the right to work law won't affect auto makers very much if at all and certainly not in the near term. Very few workers in Michigan will opt out of the union or stop paying dues. For the Detroit three the UAW has become as much -- partner as an adversary. Working better to build higher quality vehicles more efficiently. Look there are segments of the UAW rank and file that think the union should be all about class warfare and stick and it to the man. But those elements are rollback the Neanderthal era of the labor movement. Ultimately. Cooler heads prevail. And the UAW's role will continue to a ball. I'm Edward lapels and that's how IC. They said Monday on the first shift would GM's marketing -- have to say about the 2014. Chevrolet Silverado. It -- sincere effort. Have a great weekend everyone we'll see that.

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