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Dealer Ray Mungenast: 'I'm just the voice'

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Fri, 14 Dec 2012|

The Dealer Speaks With Ray Mungenast


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello I'm Leslie Alan welcome to the dealer speaks. As chair of the American international automobile dealers association. -- look at ray Monday it asked of them boys for the import dealer. If the job his late father Dave among -- senior had in 1998. In fact the group's lifetime achievement award is named for Dei -- -- -- But rage and Brothers Dave junior and hurt aren't living in the shadows. They run at 327. Million dollar enterprise. Moving more than 5000 new cars a year. And Raymond and asked -- this part of the business with a simple philosophy. A superb -- -- and good service will keep them coming back. This is the among NASCAR multifamily history wrong and begins in 1934. With my father's birth. -- among get Matt hails from a family that a natural thing blew it needs no introduction. Hi I'm Dave Duncan missed his father started selling motorcycles in 1965. And -- entered the car business. Actually was late 1966. Early 67 we opened our first automobile dealership which was at Toyota story. Don't want -- automotive family now comprises five dealerships. A motor sports store. And collision sensors there's also -- motorcycle museum which honors the legacy of the company's founder. An avid biker who died in 2006. On the lack of the thing who have been 51 year old Graeme mound in -- domain. Stands at fourteen acres in west Saint Louis county. There's the Acura store. And next door a 78000. Square foot Lexus showroom which he opened in 2009. It's twice as big as this all -- -- a nearby. And mountain NASA has gone out of his way to give the place the comforts of home. A TV lounge. A children's lounge. A -- row with coffee and fresh baked cookies. There's also a business loans to keep customers connected. And a fireside lounge quiet free of distractions. All -- a country club feel. These amenities. Are not just for show. The main thing was customer retention and and growth of market share and and also on an equal level was our employee satisfaction. The response. Overwhelming. We opened this building in November of 2000. And kind and it was probably the worst economic time that you could have opened and taken on. Financial challenge like this for our customers responded immediately. Even those times were tough -- during their vehicles and for service and buying you were pre owned vehicle when they could. If it's helped us and we've we've been profitable since they want the story. Cuba -- once service customer who tells the store over free shuttle ride to the mall. She looked around since. Why -- why would I wanna leave this place. Reminded that it was a sign that he hit the mark he had found what customers want in a facility. One of the best ways to retain customers is to have a good service department and here the Lexus door there are no fewer than 32 service -- -- Work twice as many as deep as our prior facility. We do a very good business and our customers are very happy with the so they continue to bring their cars to us even. They have 607080000. Miles long. Would close the ninety new cars being sold each month. Your service -- just don't have the number of service -- that you need so that was probably the single most. Reason for building the new facility. Was a multi -- service drive to receive our clients. And then have the days to get the cars through so customers can bring their vehicles and for service when they want. He says customer service awful means communication. Don't try to sell them everything. Is it immediately just the constant communication about their vehicle. On the day of our visit it was unseasonably warm in Saint Louis we headed for where else the fireside lounge. On the mantle a JD power award a reminder of one of the stores and best practices. Customer follow lot. It's easy to think what we know holly wanna be treated but sometimes that changes. And changes ongoing me too so we followed constantly to make sure that we're achieving. Expensive training keeps employees on tests. A state of the -- training center offers a stunning view of the show room below. That becomes somewhat of a distraction what people are contributors and perhaps. And I can't tell the story of the Monday and asked automotive family or -- mug and ask for that matter. Without mentioning one thing. And that's motor sports. This is a photo of when I was the general manager of or Honda motors works agency he was 28. And like his father a bike enthusiast. He even spent time racing in Europe. And that drives to stay in the game could serve mound -- -- well in the coming years. He says the biggest obstacle facing hit stores in fact all dealerships. I think government regulations and it may get worse before it gets better it's a very competitive market the banks are just now starting -- money. It took to some of the perspective fires again so. That's getting a little bit better but that's been huge challenge to get people financed with a fiscal cliff with a fiscal put these two. And there's the uncertainty about whether automatic tax hikes and spending cuts will hit the US next month. Not a minor concern for a luxury dealer of customers often run their. Owned businesses. The danger of the fiscal cliff is that we are. We are in an economy that is just beginning to repair itself -- it's it's wounded but it's repairing itself. That's on the way back the fiscal cliff could could just knock it completely back down is deeper and deeper as it was in recession. You know just a couple years ago. In February 8 month and half half the gavel plus to AI AEA -- -- now drop. I'm just voice and and I appreciate the opportunity to have been that -- in 2012. And among their -- operation could be growing plants are in place for a new Honda store and an Acura expansion is being considered. Thanks for watching the -- speaks take care.

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Regulation of dealerships. There is you know on human resource issues there's so many you know discrimination harassment all of these rules it's impossible. You know you try to comply with everything it really is hard to to do it all there's so much going on. And again I I can because of my legal background I don't know when I need to get outside help and when I don't lot of things I can do on my own. Or and save some time and some money that way. Humans says that parallels exist between his past career and his process and one this is the retail. Car business. Just like practicing law again if you wanna be alert just going from nine to five isn't gonna cut it. He means that clear to potential hires that long workdays are the norm. He's also upfront about the dealerships unique paint plan that's because human employs a non commissioned sales and a. It's a little bit harder to recruit experienced sales person. From another store someone who's been in the business for awhile because they're just not used to it you know maybe don't see how it would work for them. That's that's human staffers don't work on commission is not any focal point in its advertising. His radio are known to be fast paced and sometimes a little off the wall. And commission fully transparent answer all questions that stands. He voices that the spots and sell at a local CBS radio station just a short drive from his store. And he even writes it for a thirty seconds and at their contents usually topical. Marches here the film actually milk and the fields are small and people like. Most US don't change or add that often they I was as surprised my answer we're taught when they're stupid but there were talking about. About something that it is happening in the community. The changes all the time. And don't believe humans can talk that fast. Option mentioned president that you the biggest pressure that he regularly walled lake in the best presser that you've been given America. For generator to account. That lying about being the biggest Chrysler dodge Jeep brand dealer in walled lake. Is something issuing drives home to assess his apart from the competition he explains why. My biggest problem when I came here in 97 where people that live two miles from here that didn't know there was a car dealership in walled even though we've been here since 55. So that's why its biggest and wolf lake over and over again is that. But they gag line it's the only Chrysler dodge Jeep brand store in this city. And messaging seems to have resonated with buyers. In 1990 the dealership roughly 100 new cars a month. And when he thirteen about 160. Per month. And this year's goal. Really trying to get to 200 new cars and can't expanded that facility by about 30% to seven years ago accelerate the growth. So we can get. Thirteen or fourteen and fifteen cars in here. But she metal is just part of us now equation. Shooting continues to cultivate its handling a lot of the port customer service. We are here to help people. If you have that that we're not here to make money obviously recently we have to make proper of the dealership won't be here but the the number one thing is. We're here to to help people. That principle cemented it when the storm one at the highest honor nationally. From car dealer review website dealer dot com last year. In the overall dealer of the year and when he thirteen issue Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. That announcement made at last year's NET convention in Orlando Florida. At the time the store earned an overall star rating of four point nine fine. Also critical to running a successful business. Human it's all about expense control at a car dealership take that's fine bring. Sample I want Ed dodge and ram through it I'm too cheap to spend the money to to fix the sign so we just leave it like that. Human and his ads that he keeps his overhead loan. And that the mortgage on single point store has been long paid for in addition. I have ever dies and we hot off is that a fairly good but it. I don't understand I don't I really do not understand barbershop teeth whitening I've seen a mall that they go one in dealerships. It is hard enough. To sell cars and fix cars and keep everybody happy that's enough on anybody's plate. Assuming clearly not afraid to speak his mind and tell a few jokes. You got to try to have fun you got it and you got to try and work hard you can have fun and work hard to I really believe that. And so that's that we try to do mean it's it's it's it's a business where you've you've got to work and you gotta hustle or you're not gonna make it retail harvest. And issue was certainly hustling in 2013. In his yearlong role as chairman of this January's North American International Auto Show. Thanks for watching the dealers speaks both to UC news.

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