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Toyota Hit with Record Fine (12/18/12)

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Tue, 18 Dec 2012|

Recall timing sparks $17.35M penalty; Infiniti 'Q's up lineup; Consumer Reports likes new Accord; touring a Lexus via iPad.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and welcome to this Tuesday edition of first I'm just -- or what's in today for Jennifer -- But coming up forget deals fashioned paper car brochures will show you how one auto maker is a rematch in the way you can get to know your potential new vehicles the first. Let's get you caught up on what's making news this morning. Developing news out of Toyota the auto maker hit with a record fine by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. -- -- has agreed to pay seventeen point 35 million dollars to settle claims that it failed to report a safety defects in the 2010 Lexus RX in a timely manner. It's the single highest civil penalty amount ever paid -- nets for violations stemming from a recall. The case involves potential accelerator pedal entrapment caused by unsecured her incompatible driver side floor -- And -- more later today on out of news now. Infinity is renaming its entire product portfolio for the 2014 model year. Returning to the letter Q for every car and Q acts for every crossover and suvs. -- president you Ohio denies and says infinity is making the change to prepare for a broader array of global products now here's the breakdown. The end sedan will become the Q seventy and the current G 37 coupe and convertible will become the Q sixty. In Kennedy's UX crossover or become the QX fifty and the FX crossover will be changed to the QX seventy. The current full sized QX 56 SEV when it's five point six liter V8 will become the QX eighty. And the newly introduced JX crossover. Starting next year it'll be BQX sixty. The nice and says the moment is right to bring new order to the Infiniti line up. He adds quote there is risk associated with everything but we feel quite comfortable about doing it. After getting hit with a stinging review of its civic small car last year. Honda is getting high marks from consumer reports for the revamped 2013 accord. The magazine says the record ranks among the market's best midsized cars. Luckily steering feels quite a bit better in this car and has been in other recent Honda and Acura efforts. The magazine cites the -- interior room high fuel economy ride and handling and feature content that's story from Bloomberg. Alexis recently launched what it's calling me a virtual interactive vehicle application or being the first short and it's for the iPad. Sit in the driver's seat take your iPad move that around and you can easily do a comparison between the real car and the virtual line. It's an app for the twentieth thirteen Lexus ES sedan and it offers an interactive look at interior and exterior features through videos and pictures. Comparison charts show how the yes stacks up against its closest competition side by side. Some of the features have a simulator section which lets you interact freely with the feature to see what happens. And how to manual offers an interactive way to practice using different features in the car. Get this there's even game type challenges to test your knowledge on some of those key features after you practiced using them. And it's all in the name of offering customers a more interactive buying experience. Lexus isn't the only automaker jaguar BMW Fiat and Ford among a growing list of other auto makers getting in on the -- came as well. And that's it for today's show be sure to follow us on Twitter at first underscore shift. I'm Justin or what's thanks for watching we'll see you back here again tomorrow.

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    It's Tuesday and you're watching first step I'm Ursula is a rally. Coming up how Nissan is putting ladies first in Japan. Now Jennifer Vaughn is in the newsroom at your headlines. Things are Islam. Twit you know is changing the way it pays factory workers in Japan and then keep financial daily reports that the new system will focus on performance instead of seniority. The auto makers labor union has been told the plan. Toyota hopes to roll it out to about 60% of its workers in January. 1 goal attracting young talents. Here now are some more detail on billionaire George Soros says plans to invest in car dealerships. Two sources who heard a representatives speak any private dinner in San Francisco this weekend tell Automotive News. That Soros Fund Management is prepared to invest as much as one billion dollars in the business. The representatives said Soros has no intention of running car dealerships. The fund's goal would be to keep the current management in place and help with that capital strategies. The firm is set to be talking with several interested parties. The latest telling you for confirmed deaths are linked to defective at General Motors ignition switches its fifteen. The deadline for filing claims is this Saturday. Kenneth Feinberg the victim's compensation attorney hired by GM to a suspect claims. Exposed to be reviewing Perry class well into a sprained. Check back. Finally the hair raising power in performance of the AMG GT. That's what Mercedes will be touting in its approval added this Sunday. The latest tape and the tortoise vs hare fable. Made its debut on the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday. Why create TV buzz now. Burst in any marketing VP drew Slavin says half the purpose of AC global ad. Is getting people involved in the discussion before the game. What is the what what you write toilet like mail for Allison can you explain what Internet as. I mean. What is I three anyway Allison BMW unveiled its commercial on The Today Show earlier yesterday. You can watch if not ears of Super Bowl ads at auto slash super ads Ers flown back to you. Thanks Jennifer and he said he plans to put more females to work in Japan by doubling the number of sales woman took 14100 but 2018. And funny thirteen the auto maker began designing Japanese dealerships for mothers. By putting many cars on the show floor and offering nursing rooms and play areas for children. On Friday the auto maker said it will triple its ladies first dealerships. To 300 in the coming fiscal year and aims to have 700 by 2018. According to Bloomberg. And we'll stay with Nissan for a first shipped back to. Yeah. One million that's the number of vehicles automaker has exported from United States. This vehicle was manufactured in sneer at Tennessee and will be sold in South Korea. Nissan has been building cars in the U lasts for 31 years. It's two US plants now export vehicles to 68 global markets. To have achieved more million units of exports. Proved so we're making it attractive. I'm globally competitive products. And that's our show for today thanks for tuning in.

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