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Why Dealerships Lose Staff (12/18/12)

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Tue, 18 Dec 2012|

Among the findings: Workers weary from working weekends; GM's new purchasing chief; $17.35M Toyota penalty a warning?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Burned out a new study reveals why some dealerships lose employees. Details coming up. It's good to see you on this Tuesday. I'm Tom -- effect earlier this year when an Automotive News held its first 100 best dealerships to work for that. Winners told us time and again that offering a work life balance leads to happy engaged employees. We're very cognizant of the fact that family is the reason we work. So without that balance without that proper balance you're not going to be productive at work so we encourage -- we wanted to take time off. Now a report prepared by north would university and NA GA university. Reveals similar findings. Ted cradle of delta trends the company that designed the report. This stores that offer a work life balance have a higher employee retention rate. He's his quote burning people loud and working them all four weekends makes them less productive. -- says two and a half weekends a month seems to be the best bet for maximizing sales person productivity. And profit. The data collected from 2500. US dealerships between march and bay. The study also fighting that is retention rate increase. So do gross profits. General Motors today appointing Grayson -- line as the company's global purchasing czar. She had been having GM's operations in Brazil. -- line will now oversee the automaker's 77 billion dollar annual purchasing budget. She succeeds Bob Scioscia who was recently reassigned to head GM China. More now on that record fines leveled against Toyota by US regulators. As we told you on -- morning newscasts. Toyota has agreed to pay seventeen point 35 million dollars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says Toyota failed to report a safety defects. In the twentieth ten Lexus RX 350 and RX 400 -- in a timely manner. Toyota maintains its done nothing wrong. Quality officer rates -- angered he says the auto maker settled in part to avoid any time consuming dispute. He hits -- administrator David Strickland says timely reporting of safety defects is critical to public safety. Strickland saying quote every moment of delay has the potential to lead to deaths or injuries on our nation's highways. Edmunds dot com analyst Michelle Krebs says the government is making an example of Toyota. There's another reminder that you don't drag your feet when you have a product issue. In one -- had Toyota paid nearly fifty million dollars in penalties for its handling of recalls. Krebs sees no effect on public perceptions of Toyota. We certainly have seen no affect -- sales rebounded from the previous recalls they've rebounded very well for. Earthquake hits and army but yet a lot of new product out there are so I don't expect the corporate sales at all. The latest case involves potential pedal entrapment caused by unsecured or incompatible. Driver side floor -- Chrysler says it wants to invest nearly 162. Million dollars in an Indiana plant the facility. Finish back in 2008. But never occupied because of a failed joint venture and Chrysler's bankruptcy. The plans would produce nine speed front wheel drive automatic transmissions. Finally a quick update for you at. Volkswagen's his production of its -- time minivans should resume over by summer. The band is based on the Chrysler Town & Country in the US automaker builds the vehicle for VW in Windsor Ontario. A sales drop in ensuing production stoppage. Let the speculation. About the times -- That is our time for today thanks so much for watching everyone. We'll see you tomorrow.

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