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Toyotas Fail New Crash Test (12/20/12)

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012|

Honda Accord, Suzuki Kizashi get good marks in stringent new test; Silverado ad-duty shift; Nissan's Ghosn on young leaders.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to late Thursday edition of first shift I'm Jennifer -- -- CEO Carlos cone top global leadership that story after these headlines. Thirteen midsize cars have earned a passing marks. I'm the insurance industry's newest frontal crash test. But a pair of -- you don't have models faired worse than the rest. The new test is called a small overlap test. And according to Bloomberg it's more stringent than the US government's test which stimulate. They collision in which two vehicles or objects meat had done. The institute's small overlap crash test. Represents what happens when just the front corner of a vehicle strikes another vehicle or an object like a tree or -- The insurance group gave a good rating to the fourth or Honda Accord and this is -- because ashy. And in acceptable rating to eleven more midsize cars. But the toy camrys at hand and create that he hybrid. Rain to worse than two measures of safety. Leading IIH asked us not them with a -- overall rating. This afternoon on -- news now more about the test results including a response from auto makers. General Motors is switching creative advertising agencies. For the when he fourteen Chevrolet Silverado. That move coming head of the highly anticipated launch of the next generation pick up next year. GM has assigned Chevrolet creative duties -- Leo Burnett which now handles advertising for Buick and GMC. Detroit based at commonwealth will remain -- -- agency of record but it will feed at Silverado work till Leo Burnett. GM is once in canceling shift at a factory to reduce inventories. Sources say GM halted production this week at the link orient factory and suburban Detroit he makes the Chevy sonic in Buick Rondo. The company also has canceled shifts recently at its Lordstown Ohio plant where the Chevy cruise is -- fumbled. In in Fairfax Kansas is home to the Chevy Malibu and Buick LaCrosse. And in Europe GM and France's PSA Peugeot -- way and have dropped plans to jointly develop in large car. Instead it is -- focus on three smaller vehicle projects. The partners also say they will work on small gasoline engines and explore quote. Product and industrial initiative in Latin America or other growth market. Young Arab leaders are necessary today when it comes to corporate or political leadership. That's coming from Renault Nissan -- Carlos -- And the reason. Because people he says are the Allen and to change. The -- UN. Company did not perform well what it has to change. And one of the changes would come from younger people. We -- sun's global media center at this week. Don't address the challenges that Japan's future leaders will face. And those challenges. In due in part to the country's rapidly aging society. He also talked about the importance of diversity. Specifically the role of women in leadership position. It's opening is on because of demographic reasons that in the demography of Japan -- pretty exciting. Which means that depends older human resources that you can count on a woman is a very important still untapped resources in Japan. But also because the market. Requires much more. Mean it looked terrible product design engineering. And and even manufacturing and distributing the product. Guns comment following his speech to students and alumni at the University of Tokyo. We'll leave you now with a first shift freeze frame. That's SRT bring Abbas Ralph she'll get as hands dirty at Chrysler's Conner avenue assembly plant in Detroit. GL taking a break from his day job to build a viper on Tuesday. That is -- time for now thanks so much for joining us we'll see you tomorrow morning.

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