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GM to Seal Stock Buy (12/21/12)

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Fri, 21 Dec 2012|

$5.5 billion U.S. share purchase closing today; a shift at Nissan; ironic twist for Suzuki; dealers, Mini poke apocalyptic fun.


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We aren't actually glad to see you on this December 21 that Jennifer -- You at the industry is doing and minted doomsday buttons. All of begin with your headline. It's a big today for General Motors. The automaker expected to close on its purchase of 200 million shares friendly US Treasury Department. According to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. GM will pay the government at 27 dollars and fifty cents in cash for each share. For a total of five point five billion dollars. The US said earlier this week that it expects to sell its remaining shares in twelve to fifteen months. GM also disclosing that under the agreement. The Treasury Department at waived its right to inspect certain GM financial books records and property. As part of the US led rescue of two yen in 2009. Auto maker was required to supply financial data and why does the government held at least 10% of its years. After today's sale the government will own about 300 million shares. Forty fully diluted stake up 19%. Looks like car shoppers had been unfazed by uncertainty. Related to this so called fiscal cliff looming and 1%. JD power & Associates along with -- the automotive. Predicting -- December US auto sales will be up 14%. This seasonally adjusted annual rate of sales they're predicting fifteen point three million. That are in November with fifteen point six million the highest since January of 2008. It personnel shift and needs signed executive vice president Colin dodge is lightening his workload. Partly so he can focus more on the United States. Dies it will handoff responsibility for Africa the middle east India and the European region. To -- ever man on -- effective January 1. Man now senior vice president in charge of supply chain management. Will be promoted to executive vice president. As the role of chairman of Europe and emerging markets. Finally in a broad development at American Suzuki which is planning -- and sales in the United States. Bloomberg says that Suzuki plans to import 2500. More cars to the US. And meet demand. Which jumped after the company filed for bankruptcy. In -- event her. Okay is that we only made it through the apocalypse. An event predicted for today by the millions more of the millennium ago. One auto maker taking advantage of the and to the world height the W mini. The brand showing off photos of a Mini Cooper in Guatemala. Where it says more than half the population and are considered direct descendants of the lions. Doom and gloom not a treatment sites that many instead festive celebration. Maybe -- noting that the central and south American region -- along its strong growth market. Now at some dealers are cashing in on Armageddon sales as the year winds down. According to the Mayan calendar the world blend on December 24. So cash in before we all cash out. Save huge on all remaining 2012. Hours before the years transformed itself into only shifting death trap. The Humber review group which has Ford GM dealerships in the Toronto area. And -- running radio ads similar have been outlined in early November. And had this theme at this checking spot in this year's suitable. And if we leave you in just a couple of brief -- get holiday spirit. Toyota's Lexus brand get the anti a new ride. Check out the Lexus flying luxury cruiser. It produces not horse power but 800 read your power. And GM's OnStar and again giving kids a way to track Santa. On Christmas Day subscribers can push the blue button that old -- -- whereabouts. And we'll be off on Monday and Tuesday for the Holiday. Inn on Wednesday all the -- my colleague tongue or back. -- special edition of Automotive News TV you won't want to miss it take care and we'll see you then.

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    It's Tuesday and you're watching first step I'm Ursula is a rally. Coming up how Nissan is putting ladies first in Japan. Now Jennifer Vaughn is in the newsroom at your headlines. Things are Islam. Twit you know is changing the way it pays factory workers in Japan and then keep financial daily reports that the new system will focus on performance instead of seniority. The auto makers labor union has been told the plan. Toyota hopes to roll it out to about 60% of its workers in January. 1 goal attracting young talents. Here now are some more detail on billionaire George Soros says plans to invest in car dealerships. Two sources who heard a representatives speak any private dinner in San Francisco this weekend tell Automotive News. That Soros Fund Management is prepared to invest as much as one billion dollars in the business. The representatives said Soros has no intention of running car dealerships. The fund's goal would be to keep the current management in place and help with that capital strategies. The firm is set to be talking with several interested parties. The latest telling you for confirmed deaths are linked to defective at General Motors ignition switches its fifteen. The deadline for filing claims is this Saturday. Kenneth Feinberg the victim's compensation attorney hired by GM to a suspect claims. Exposed to be reviewing Perry class well into a sprained. Check back. Finally the hair raising power in performance of the AMG GT. That's what Mercedes will be touting in its approval added this Sunday. The latest tape and the tortoise vs hare fable. Made its debut on the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday. Why create TV buzz now. Burst in any marketing VP drew Slavin says half the purpose of AC global ad. Is getting people involved in the discussion before the game. What is the what what you write toilet like mail for Allison can you explain what Internet as. I mean. What is I three anyway Allison BMW unveiled its commercial on The Today Show earlier yesterday. You can watch if not ears of Super Bowl ads at auto slash super ads Ers flown back to you. Thanks Jennifer and he said he plans to put more females to work in Japan by doubling the number of sales woman took 14100 but 2018. And funny thirteen the auto maker began designing Japanese dealerships for mothers. By putting many cars on the show floor and offering nursing rooms and play areas for children. On Friday the auto maker said it will triple its ladies first dealerships. To 300 in the coming fiscal year and aims to have 700 by 2018. According to Bloomberg. And we'll stay with Nissan for a first shipped back to. Yeah. One million that's the number of vehicles automaker has exported from United States. This vehicle was manufactured in sneer at Tennessee and will be sold in South Korea. Nissan has been building cars in the U lasts for 31 years. It's two US plants now export vehicles to 68 global markets. To have achieved more million units of exports. Proved so we're making it attractive. I'm globally competitive products. And that's our show for today thanks for tuning in.