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2012 Marketing Moments (12/27/12)

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Fri, 21 Dec 2012|

'Mad Men' pitch a Jag; GM soccer-punch?; Lincoln revives Honest Abe; and Google clicks off dealers


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi everyone and welcome to a special holiday edition of Automotive News TV. I'm Tom -- back. And I'm Jennifer bond. This week we're looking back and the year 2012 and how did the 2013. That's right -- and yesterday we took you through some of the biggest blunders and missteps of the year. In today. Today it -- our attention to marketing. With some of the biggest marketing home in 2012. So what do you do. When you're trying to move a lot of aging crossovers. Look your -- -- US marketing boss Steve Evans. You buy Google ads that appear when web surfers look up the competition. In this case the Honda CRV. Is ideal works in Subaru clears out summer inventories. Without costly incentives. Times speaking of search engines. Like the perfect match right now who -- true cart dot com. The idea how final -- to dealers. -- cars CEO Scott painter agrees to pay Yahoo! fifty million dollars a year. Yeah these jobs -- and millions of visitors it's true car. But his true current business model runs afoul of state franchise -- us. And -- deal unraveled. Chrysler returns to its American comeback theme. In a riveting spot that steals the show or during this year Super Bowl thus. Country champion knocked home with one punch we get right back up again and when we do who was gonna hit a -- oranges. The ad is called half -- in America starting of course movie icon Clint Eastwood. From dirty hairy. Men. That went. Deep beauty has encountered. -- runs deep emotions. Jay. 1960s. -- TV series. And special fictional ad agency tries to land in account with the British sports carmaker. I love that show. And here in the modern era Chrysler not afraid to use a bit of lower to sell to Fiat 500 take a look. With a bigger ad budget in more incentives and Fiat sales more than double. Through November. I love being under house arrest. When it should have been. Tom first you see that they don't. We're not marketing moment involves Google. The search engine three dealers this year when it -- the customer reviews from there Google+ local pages. Google says it's targeting quote. -- -- Honda stuns the -- world just this month. In places it's 700 million dollar US creative and media accounts under review. Current agency our community has had the account for nearly thirty year. Tesla on the other hand bypasses traditional -- winner out its model at that they -- In -- -- It alone until some media buzz -- the events for potential owners and publicity and -- busiest magazine spread the word. Yeah and you could call this the year of Lincoln's there's the hit movie of course. -- -- -- Probably at least once again. Let's get. With the New York's Lincoln Center as the launch pad. Ford rolls out an ambitious effort to revive its luxury brand. It's the biggest marketing campaign in the brands 97 year history. -- able include a one minutes who purples. But women they -- feature and you weren't spots on General Motors. In May then shortening bus Jolie whining as GM both the 2013 gain a year Earl where. We're gonna have a good time with the with the Super Bowl. But later you -- the commercials are too pricey. He also raises eyebrows by pulling -- ten million dollar account of faith by. All of that in one here pretty amazing stuff. That is our time for today thanks so much for watching this special edition of Automotive News team. Tomorrow is you who made our list of the most influential people. 2012 will see that.

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