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2012's Movers and Shakers (12/28/12)

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Fri, 21 Dec 2012|

From an 'out of the box' thinker at Ford, to the woman some say could run GM: 10 exec who changed the industry in 2012.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- back on this final Friday of 2012. I'm Jennifer bond. It and I've Tom war -- and you are watching a special holiday edition. Of Automotive News TV. Yes -- and today it's all about movers and shakers. That people who did the most to change the industry in the past year. And speaking of shaking things up. When he's not on team spaceship are planning to mining asteroids. Tesla chief Elon Musk spends 2012. Pushing development. Of the bottle yes. It's the company's first EB built from the ground up. He also shakes up retailers. Bypassing. The franchised dealers system. But how this very lofty goal carry out a green agenda eating in the midst of a troubled European market. Nor a bright -- -- that challenge of Britain German luxury carmaker BMW. Among his initiative is in focus and using carbon fiber in manufacturing. It while we're talking endurance. Volkswagen may not have reached its goal of being number one in global sales quite yet. But undersea EO Martin winter quarter. This German automaker is starting to look like a juggernaut. Looks like VW will match last year's record sales. It's adding capacity and planning to launch a low cost brand for emerging markets by 2050. Next on our list -- chief -- over Ito. After the new civic and bombed with critics he looks a major overhaul of Honda's -- train and find this new products. He also order a quick redo this hit it. And just all a little eye candy with a plan to a -- Iraq. And that's that sports car. Our next change artist is a painter Scott paper that is a true cart dot -- after his lead generating web site comes under fire for various practices is painter from gets to work. By year's end he comes back with a reformulated. True car one that he says meets all state regulations. Streamlining product development and avoiding last minute delays both high and the agenda for GM Mary Barr this past year. This -- product chief is on a fast track. Say she could even run General Motors one day for now look for her to push the general war into a lecture and try technologies. Electric drive very much on the mind of bars former colleague Jolie wanna. GM fires the marketing ace in the wake of a 600 million dollar deal to sponsor a British soccer club. But he won it lands on his feet as interim marketing chief over it fits her. 2012 at that bit kinder to Puerto global marketing exactly Jim Farley. He is out of the box thinking is on full display as -- lunches it's midsize fusion. Anyway everyone's been talking. The launch includes Ford's biggest ever use pencils on media. Now Farley had added yet another challenge how to revive winking. Another aggressive marketer. Auto trader CEO chip Perry. He's built his car shopping site into a behemoth. That helps thirty million consumers resurgent vehicles every month. And acquisition spree that's him names like the auto and Kelley blue book. -- -- ever hears of aspect. Franchised dealers spent 4000 bucks a month to put their cars on auto trader. Finally speaking out fast moving exacts. -- a board is going out of president and current -- if I feel -- -- In 212 he continues to -- the automaker in a strong comeback. And his family company is on track to reclaim the title of world's largest auto maker. Sure loves racing. And who knows what 2013 play for. Indeed and with that we'd like to thank you for joining us for the holing special. -- more of our top ten list be sure to catch Monday's edition I'm I'm at a news. And we also have to think her executive producer Leslie Judy Allen putting all of these great quality specials together thank you very much flawlessly. As for us we're taking a few days off to celebrate the new year. But we'll be back with you on Wednesday with a countdown. Of the top stories of -- here have a great holiday everyone -- -- that. They care.

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