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Top Stories From 2012 (1/2/13)

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Wed, 2 Jan 2013|

From politics to pump prices, and from tiles to tribulations, a countdown of 2012; plus, dealers, 'death tax' and the fiscal cliff.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Looking back. Our list of the top ten stories of 2012. As voted by the Automotive News staff. What came in at number one. We'll tell you coming up. Happy new year everyone it's good to see you on this Wednesday. I'm Tom -- back. Will bring you that countdown in just a moment but first a quick look at what else is making news today. Dealerships were monitoring the actions of the US lawmakers on Tuesday. Is they steer the country away from that so called fiscal cliff in a possible recession. Stores following one part of the deal in particular. That being the estate tax. The highest rate will now rise from 35 to 40%. While keeping the current five million dollar per person exemption. The National Automobile Dealers Association. Which supported the two year state tax cut passed by congress back in 2010. Wanted a permanent solution to the estate tax so family owned dealers could plan for the succession of their stores. And they DA which supported the 35%. Rate. Consider family businesses should not have to sell their businesses or have to incur substantial debt to pay that tax. The Washington Post reports that Democrats wanted in -- state tax rate of 45%. Republicans wanted to stay at 35. If nothing had been done the rate would have reverted to 55%. Back now to our top story in here are our picks for the biggest news items of 2012. Number ten shrugging off high gasoline prices. Twice last year prices hovered near four dollars a gallon. But a -- line up proves to be a good line of defense. Number nine. Powering down. Electric vehicles fall short of sales targets in battery makers some living off grants from the US government. Start to falter. At number eight. Overseas angst. Carmakers struggle as Europe indoors at its worst sales year in decades. China also sees a softening of demand. Number seven bedeviled by the details. Franchised dealers fuel as auto makers step up demands for facilities improvements. And we mean everything. From the paper in the bathrooms. Which -- of query is best for the floor -- At number six red hot Chrysler. The -- as well executed. The advertising. Bolden as -- and the team. -- at last count Chrysler sitting on 32 straight months of higher sales. On super impressed. In fifth place. Digital ups and -- -- it's among the ups its Subaru in four to enjoy the fruits of digital marketing and social media. In on the downside. Car dealerships are blind sided when thousands of customer reviews are removed by Google. Number four cars and candidates. -- take a big role in the US presidential election. -- President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney Giles over the 2009 bailouts of GM and Chrysler. -- again. It's the third biggest story last year. Busted Hyundai and Kia in mid overstating fuel economy numbers on several models and hybrid that doubles the fuel costs. The average. -- we might -- Ford also under fire late 20s12. Over fuel economy claims for the fusion in C Max hybrids. Number two Japan comes back. After the natural disasters in 2011. Japanese auto makers are seen rising sales market share and production in North America. And the number one story is voted by our staff. The North American sales rebound. The auto industry out pieces the overall economy. Almost all auto makers -- higher sales and they along with many of their dealers and suppliers. See a continuation. Of profitable growth. Certainly a big year and a quick reminder you can stay with -- starting early tomorrow. It's auto makers issued their final sales figures. For 2012. Thanks so much for watching everyone. We'll see you tomorrow.

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