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Japan's China Woes Easing (1/7/13)

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Mon, 7 Jan 2013|

Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Mazda still down, but spiffs are slowing the bleeding; Volvo: Rough 2013; best sales forecasters.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hope you had a good weekend I'm Jennifer bond. Automakers as sales forecasts vs reality. That story after her daily headlines. The effects of those anti Japan protests in China continue to Wayne last month. Thanks to some generous incentives from Japanese automakers. You sign it which is the largest Japanese automaker in China. Reported eight point 4% decline in sales there in December. That's less than that 30% drop its -- November. And the 41%. Decline in October. When you go to Hyundai and nonstop also reported slower rates of decline. We had a sales down 16%. For the month. Honda's sales were off at 19%. And not the sales dropped 26%. Separately -- Bloomberg says Toyota has pushed back plans to make China it's at thirty million unit market until after this year. Toyota saying it expects its China deliveries to rise about 7% -- 2013. To 900000. Sales fell 5% in 2012. To just over 840000. Swedish carmaker Volvo which is owned by China's geely says its global sales fell 6% last year. And that includes a double digit drops in China and Sweden and a small rise in the United States. The automaker says it expects a tough 2013. As well. The average fuel economy of new vehicles sold in the U less last year. Rose to 23 point eight miles per gallon. That's according to researchers at the University of Michigan. That figure is up from 22 point five and PG and when he Atlanta and and is the highest since the researchers began tracking full year data in 2008. More signs of financial trouble for coda. A US company that assembles Chinese made electric cars. The company for load in undisclosed number of employees on Friday. It's second round of cost cutting in the last month. And -- projection from the head of AutoNation. The largest car retailer in the United States. CEO Mike Jackson says a stabilized housing market. And -- strengthening economy. We'll try US auto sales to the -- fifteen million unit range in 2013. Sales hit fourteen point five million last year up 13%. -- nation outpaced the overall market with a rise 20%. -- the question. Just how accurate were carmakers in -- thinking they're 2012 US sales results. Well our Automotive News data center compiled company's forecast in February. And for the most part most auto makers did better than their prediction. Let's look at the top six. GM. Behind. -- -- full outlook. GM falling short of its forecast by some 230000. Sales. Ford Toyota and Chrysler's 2012 outcome exceeding their expectations. You had to do about 180000. -- batter and it stated goal. Four other auto maker's results see today's print edition of Automotive News. Finally -- first shift footnotes. -- you know and Audi are showing up -- self driving cars at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This according to the Wall Street Journal. And Toyota's -- this give the public a sneak peak before the show kicks off tomorrow. It released a 52 clip last week a little -- car is equipped with various sensors. That ends our show and remember we are on Twitter you can follow us at first underscored shift take care.

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