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Close-Up Look at Lexus IS (1/10/13)

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Thu, 10 Jan 2013|

More room, a new grille, and subscription-free traffic, weather; Kia heads to Super Bowl; GM, Isuzu talks; U.S.-made Leafs.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Thursday its first thing I'm Jennifer bond. Later a look at and you like this I cats but first Google custom up with the latest headlines. Kia returning to the Super Bowl this year with a 62 spot featuring that 24 teens to rent a crossover. It will be the second commercial any new campaign for Kia is number two seller the first is called white space. Campaign pitches the way this apprentice features can help parents deal with the challenges. Family life. General Motors confirming that -- in discussions with the UAW. And offering lump sum pension payouts to hourly retirees. In the US. GM also planning -- with Japan's is -- you over possible development of a next generation pick up truck. The former partners signed a memorandum of understanding. To start negotiations. But GM declined outlined the timing of the toxic. Or any other asked -- other potential deal. For the third time in four years where you -- -- I'll let the auto industry in US recalled in 2012. With five point three million vehicles called back. That's according to a review of recalled data I think it's great news. You that was followed by Honda G yen and forward. It legal victory for Toyota in an old at recall case. Bloomberg says a judge has blocked a class action lawsuit by owners of that ten Prius and Lexus HS 250 -- These dude overeat when he can recall to installing software update for the into lock braking system. He US district judge in California said three of the four plaintiffs. As well as the substantial majority of the purported class. Never suffered any injury -- obliged defects. And it needs son has started assembling that when he thirteen feet at its factory in Smyrna Tennessee. It's the first time the electric car had been built in the U flat. Not a maker also makes its own batteries that we had a chance next hour. Let's now turn to Toyota's luxury brand relaxes. You are looking at some of the first images of -- I as compact sedan specifically that 350 -- -- it. Lexus showing not a model ahead of next week's world premiere at the Detroit auto show. As you can see it there redesigned -- as it features the brand new spindle grill. In -- more room thanks to a wider and longer wheelbase. And -- saying this week. The -- as it will be the first in the industry -- offer subscription free traffic and -- updates on its integrated audio systems. The brand partnering with -- -- equity. The developer of HD radio technology. The I asked competes with rivals such as the BMW three theories in Audi -- four. US sales of the I -- down 6% last year 2011. Finally those Intel for the Detroit show look to -- -- of the when he fourteen Chevy Silverado moving around this city. That people number trains are wrapped with images of the pick up truck. Thanks for tuning in for breaking news stay with -- and take care.

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