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U.S. Industry Adds Jobs (1/11/13)

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Fri, 11 Jan 2013|

Ford looks to add 2,200 salaried jobs; GM takes on more IT work; Nissan, Honda factory jobs; buying into car-sharing


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah the video on this Friday I'm Jennifer bond. Later in the show how car sharing is changing car ownership but now let's turn to today's top news stories. The -- a white collar hiring spree in more than a decade. That's what forward is -- -- planned to take on when he 200 more salaried workers in the US this year. America's president -- Hillary X says Ford needs people in engineering vehicle production and information technology. They'll help the company expand its product line up and develop more fuel efficient vehicles. Yeah automaker continues to restore payrolls that we're true to bad during the recession mean. At the end of last year Ford had two point 8000 salaried workers in North America. That's down from nearly 39000. In 2006. The company declined to say how many of those jobs are in you west. More IT jobs at General Motors as well. The company says it will hire 1000 workers at a new software center near and a it's all part of the company's plan to bring more database work in house. -- son meanwhile says it will need several hundred additional factory workers to take on production of the Murano in the United States. Output of the crossover is pleaded to begin and Nissan plant in cancer in Mississippi. In 2014. Is that third nameplate that CEO Carlos -- has shifted out of Japan in recent months. He's on and other Japanese auto makers are moving production out of their home country as they battled strong yen. We'll get a look at the next Murano at the Detroit auto show next week. And about fifty more workers are coming to Honda's plant in Marysville Ohio. Honda says it will spend an additional 23 million dollars there to production of the when he fourteen accord hybrid. The hiring outlook not so bright for Honda in England. That companies saying today it will cut some 800 jobs at -- plant near swearing in -- midyear. The move comes in response to -- falling demand across Europe. From homes take camera equipment to -- and height and handbags. Really -- founders LB Clark says many people are choosing her rent instead of buying. And then -- given rise to a so called sharing economy. -- -- -- People want -- both voters in paperback. His company eight car sharing service that allows people to lend out their private cars. GM's OnStar is a partner. And Clark tiny king I'm Avis -- recent announcement to buy that car which allows customers to rent by the hour. He says that this car deal helps validate the concept. It hurt but now -- -- fact that -- -- -- quite a -- that are thinking. These dramatic changes in it for mobility where. People possibly run. Just partnership. Which is -- -- for the part -- it -- that -- America -- Well mobility. In -- prost and all of in projects that by 20/20 the number of car sharing numbers in North America will reach nine million. The market research company says that translates to about a quarter million vehicles in car sharing -- But says don't rule out vehicle ownership. He says the car sharing business can actually help -- consumer preferences when buying a vehicle. Nobody caught it looked familiar with like that is driving it and caught yours. If you are sharing agreement would likely to bite him. Really writes with started in June 2010. Finally here's another glimpse of the Twain theory -- concept. We'll give you a full look at the car when it's revealed at the Detroit auto show during press preview decades. We will have wall clock coverage Monday through Friday from the show floor and at the Automotive News world congress. From the major debut on Sunday to fourth album only at the world congress later in the week we'll have to cover. Enjoy your weekend and we'll -- you real thing.

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