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Feds to Lift 5-Star Bar? (1/21/13)

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Mon, 21 Jan 2013|

NHTSA ponders 'small overlap' crash test; Jag on the prowl for compact; Rechtin on Vette's 'borrowed' styling


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Safety study. The US government may revise its friends that program. We'll tell you how that. Glad you're with us on this Monday. I'd Tom -- back. You may recall seeing this video on our newscasts last summer. It's called the small overlap frontal crash test in which -- corner of the front bumper strikes an object. A test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Researchers also underway at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A bowl with a small overlap and hopefully crashes that's when the vehicle collides with an object at an angle. Based on those studies within a couple of years at the maximum. This will decide whether to add the new tests to it's five star crash safety program. It's an administrator David Strickland recently spoke with us at the Detroit auto show. But I will say that the manufacturers right now we're recognizing its its preliminary work as well let's. The interest institutes working they're already building and counter measures to protect against those types of crashes. Adding that tests would make it tougher for auto makers to earn a five star rating. To hear more from Strickland check out today's print edition or visit auto Slash strictly and video. Here are some other headlines you may have missed from last week's Detroit auto show press days. These it's cutting the base price of its all electric leaf. By 6400. Dollars to 28800. Bucks before shipping. That's an 18% reduction from the current sticker. Jaguar once to re enter the compact segment saying it is a top priority the brand looking at multiple body styles. And GM has departed ways with former product boss Bob lot through. Had been a -- part time consultant for the automaker since September of 111. Both sides decided not to renew his contract. Last week we took you inside the Detroit auto show and with public -- now in full swing. We thought we check in with our own mark wrecked him to get his take on the winners and losers. Everybody wants the court that -- the star of the show but sadly it's not a lot of -- styling -- things borrowed from other super cars in the past. And someone needs to explain to me why there -- nine character lines running across the -- there has been engineering reason this. Otherwise just looks like an important paper. And speaking of Chevrolet. Certainly thought could trump the auto show by unveiling the -- -- and from street on it looks pretty much like transformers got a lot of -- things going on. But then this is -- -- walking around -- go to the -- it has zero personality whatsoever. The problem is that if the F 154 coming next year as in the amount of personality that was seen in the -- was concept. -- relate to be in real trouble -- was was designed look unstoppable. Mission accomplished hunter urban -- was the car that everybody at the show was talking about. It looks like -- could actually obviously because nobody else's -- yet. And so compact crossovers seem to have a weakness in terms of limited cargo space -- -- coming -- with full flat second receives. And by moving the gas tank from near the rear suspension to underneath the front seats to me if there was star of the show it was a Hyundai each CD fourteen. 100% this is the next Genesis and they said well no it's not. It ought to be. It's beautiful it's course does that unstoppable. Curve through the entire sweep of the body side. And it was a Sharkey look to it there's no bad angles to its brilliance. That each CD fourteen by the way -- mean the show's top concept car -- sister publication auto week. Which also named the Chevy Corvette. Best in show. And here's a quick question which luxury car has a face that reminds mark of one of these. In what is this little guy have in common with the Germans today. For the answers to the full story in today's -- Of automotive. Thanks so much for watching everybody and we'll see you back here. --

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