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Jeep Back After Hack (2/20/13)

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Wed, 20 Feb 2013|

Humorous response to Twitter attack; more Audi SUVs?; Group 1 to revise pay; Impala's little secret; Nissan in Silicon Valley.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hope you're having a good Wednesday -- gone. Coming -- we look outside the box when it comes to talent but first here's what's making news. No terror -- is too -- even on Twitter. Chrysler last night to tweeting congratulations. To its Jeep brand which quickly recovered from me hacker attack Tuesday. -- Twitter account with given ink pearl make over by trickster is who -- to the brand's logo with a Cadillac logo. And replace the wallpaper with a photo of -- McDonald seemed to vehicles. Hackers also posted pull candy laced tweet he including one that fed chief had been full Cadillac. Cadillac and then took to Twitter today about any connection to hacking incidents. The Jeep attack came a day after hackers took over burger -- Twitter page. Burger King sending -- a message of support yesterday. In this response from cheat. Think BK. Let us know if you want to grab a burger and swap stories will dry. Audi plans to double its lineup of sport utility vehicles by 20/20. To catch up to BMW in global sales. Then move that coming as more customers seek high riding vehicles with the cachet of a luxury Braylon. He's source tells Bloomberg that Audi is developing the QQQ. Four and Q six. -- sport here alternatives to its current range of three suvs. Group 1 Automotive will -- -- plan -- -- staffers at its dealerships. The retailer is making a move. After its fourth quarter of variable compensation expense is he -- in two million dollars higher than expected. That contributed to an 18% drop in fourth quarter net income. All of this adds revenue rose 19%. For the full year group one reported -- 22% jump in profit to 100 million dollars. And in General Motors has a new vice president for global human resources. 46 year old Melissa how will -- thing is Cynthia Brinkley. If former AT&T executive who took the job in when he -- game. Now we move to Silicon Valley where Nissan plans to create sixty are in deep positions. And it's new advanced product development center. But don't expect the roles to be filled by automotive engineers. Nissan's Carla Beilin says the company is looking for -- first group from different industries you can bring innovative and fresh idea -- In Silicon Valley offers a rich pool a potential talent. The office which officially opened in Sunnyvale California yesterday. We'll focus on autonomous driving connected cars. Already I'm Bart. If NASA scientist whom he recruited to -- the project. -- in your house is based specialist in artificial intelligence. And has more IBM and Xerox. The new office will work with recent research center in Japan. As for the outlook for his self driving cars. Bile believes they can hit showrooms within a decade. But first issues such as regulatory policies need to be resolved. Now -- checked -- out there re playing 2014 shabby in Pella. We'll feature is so called the LA mode for those looking for actual security. Drivers can lock away items -- hitting being behind a touch screen display. By entering a four digit code -- should be smiling this fountain. For at your privacy. Address -- and -- -- store in the system also we mean pin protected. Finally it will leave you with a -- footnotes. Auto racing and deal magnate Roger Penske turns 76 today. For the latest news in the industry keep hearing on the -- these things and.

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