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Score One For Tesla? (2/19/13)

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Tue, 19 Feb 2013|

New York Times editor: Model S critic failed to use good judgment; Mitsubishi, Toyota Geneva entries; Fiat dealers' Alfa test.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello I'm Jennifer Vaughn and retaining and -- Tuesday's edition effort -- Later -- need auto show preview. But first here's what's topping the news. There's a new twist in the ongoing dispute between Tesla Motors -- writer for the New York Times. Times reporter John Broder came under fire recently from -- club founder Elon Musk over -- test drive of the model address. It has ended with the car being total weight on a flatbed. After its battery was depleted on a long tried in cold weather. Now what times' public editor Margaret elevating its wings in game one conclusion. The writer failed to exercise good judgment when it came to recharging their vehicle. She also says he left himself open to quote. Valid criticism by taking -- seemed to be casual and imprecise notes and aware that his journey with being monitored by Tesla. Month used digitally recorded lawns of the trip to dispute -- findings. Sullivan ended her thousand word piece by saying. There is still plenty to argue about in few conclusions. That are on saleable. Over in your -- passenger car registrations. Found nearly 9% last month. To the lowest January totals since 1990. Forward PSA Peugeot secure way in and we'll act hadn't steepest declines. But GM's Opel Vauxhall flush with new product but to the downward trend along with Kia and most of premium brands. US he had dealerships and better meetings sales and customer service goals will blink first to get the alpha male foresee. That word coming from Peter greedy Chrysler group vice president for network development had leaked. Need to -- sports coupe will ride in showrooms by year end. -- says Al from mail will be paired with Fiat but dealerships are not guaranteed call for franchises. It on a big safety recall for BMW. The automaker is calling back out about 570000. Vehicles in the US and Canada. If faulty battery cable connector can fail and constant engine to stall. The recall covers certain three -- coupes sedans and convertibles and wagons from model years 2007. Through 2000 laughing. Once series coupes and convertibles from 2008 through 2012. And before roasters from 2009. Through 2011. Game. They -- need -- show will open its doors to the media in two weeks. Webcams showing construction crews already sending out for the 83 annual -- Here's a look ahead at some of the vehicle revealed starting with Mitsubishi. The company releasing two teaser photos first eight diesel hybrid pickup with four wheel drive capability called. That concept GR HEV. And this. Is the concept he -- meat. Which is -- followed to the auto makers struggling I electric car. US Al of that car had been dismal. All the -- -- are not the company will debut this app T 86 open concept. It at a convertible version of the GT 86. And is likely need to go into production. Toyota will also show off a new two seat electric concept called -- Some other debuts. This let me Corvette stingray convertible. Al for a male force -- sports car. This so called rate from Rolls Royce and -- Honda Civic -- -- that. You can keep up with the latest news on the Geneva show at irony is dot com slash Geneva. Now make birthday to note Mitsubishi CEO post some on the cinco turns 64 today. And -- much for watching our show as always -- -- back to assume I'm on the news now later today. Take care.

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