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NADA: Plus Side of Dealer Reviews (2/11/13)

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Mon, 11 Feb 2013|

Study shows sales edge if stores score high online; Ford spruce-up bucks; plus, Henry Ford, Dr. J and a really big truck.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to raise special addition of first checked I'm Jennifer bond here where tower back. At the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in Orlando Florida. And Jennifer it is day three of the event and there's plenty of news coming out of those many meetings were dealers come face to face with factory executives. Now over the weekend in any DA study revealed that factory directed facility renovations. Still aren't worth what auto dealers are paying for them. Even as the burden on dealers has eased in the past year. -- of improvements for brand will offer dollar -- dollar matching funds up to 750000. Bucks. To dealers who refer their facilities. In line with the afford it trust market designed program. All 3100 Ford brand dealers are eligible. Many dealers are praising the program -- flexibility. Meantime Kia is asking its dealers to take a longer term view of the auto maker's growth plans and get ready for bigger volumes. Kia Motors America boss Tom loveless is encouraging retailers. To invest in their stores in service departments. Expanding and improving where possible. The manufacturer. Has seven new or significantly restyled models coming this year alone. And flipping it around Chrysler dealers voiced a big concern with the factory. There aren't enough Jeep wranglers to meet demand in the United States. -- that sold more than 141000. Wranglers in the US last year. In 16% gain over 2011. You know in the age of the Internet there's no mistaking the power of the pen. Or rather the keyboard. That's -- Tom. And now there's new evidence that what consumers say online can make -- -- difference in car sales. Just how big of a difference are Leslie Allen tells us more in this report. The overall dealer of the year and when he thirteen issue -- Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. -- human -- the value of a good word online. -- Michigan dealership racked up nearly 700 customer reviews last year. On dealer -- dot com. Average score. Four point 89 out of five. And how does he do it so we bring it up with every customer that comes in the story not just new cars and use cars that service parts. We have signs out the dealership we have little cards to hand out asking them to give us a review. Good review that review obviously what good reviews. But all reviews are welcome and if we get a bad review we do occasionally get one we respond to it we jump on it we try to make the problem right. Dealers like human get more than just bragging rights the reviews are translating into higher sales according to a new study by dealer greater and the research firm Hulk. Absolutely no question no question that our sales went up and I -- even growing more so in the future Harris hopes -- corner. The bottom line is is that -- they had an average star rating of four or higher. Had a 25%. Increase in sales compared to dealerships with an average star -- to or below. Dealer -- hoping the results were read off doubts about the value of online reviews. Was really just -- validate what we've always known. Do you -- receives a review once every 55 seconds. We just decided that this is the wave of the future. The days of the manufacturers. Surveyed it's it's too late in the game to solve this is real time but -- -- I'm Leslie Allen. Thank you -- clean and finally on the convention show floor you know no cool or what he'll see. Check out what some of our colleagues here at Automotive News caught on camera. Years basketball great Julius Erving. Better known as doctor. 76ers. Signing autographs at the global lending services. We'll take a look at these and eighty. Shaking their heads -- style that's pretty uninteresting and so is this Ford F 650 truck. Drawing wonder from a dealer who sells Nissan. In other brands in Barbados he -- quote. Is this really a pickup truck. The answer yes yeah. There's every -- not now wait a minute that's actually actor Tom hard -- Michigan who is the role of mr. Ford's. He is in front of an original nineteen out three model a and feel free to tweet us some of your photos from any DA you can find us at first underscores yet. That was influence and a new line if you look like Henry is -- over and I think that is their time for now be sure to catch our special mid day show. Wearable give our editors take -- divide here in Orlando we'll see you at noon eastern.

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