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Still Too Many Malibus (2/6/13)

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Wed, 6 Feb 2013|

High inventories of Chevy sedan and Buick LaCrosse idle Kansas plant again; EV-ready Ford stores; taking helm at NADA.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for joining us on Wednesday I'm Jennifer -- Later. He agenda of the coming any DH hear me but here now hired top news story. Still too many Malibu news and too many -- crosses. General Motors has until the main plant where bill that Chevy and Buick sedans for two weeks. It's the second time in two months that GM has crude production of the cars. According to a UAW website to work won't resume at the Fairfax plant in Kansas until the week of that very seventeen. As of the end of January GM heading 94 days' supply of Malibu is hitting 117. Days supply of crosses. From mainstream to low volume. Chevrolet plans to show the production version of the best performance sedan next week at Daytona International Speedway. Spectators concede the car and -- can't zone ahead of this current unlimited brace on the sixteenth. A week before the Daytona 500. The Australian -- performance it and it will O'Brien in US showrooms by late this year. Fans of fourth performance cars can get their eggs in the windy city. -- little railing -- championship version in the fiesta as -- will appear this week at the Chicago Auto Show. That fiesta as steep production car goes on sale this summer. In other news the automaker says more than 900 dealers about a third of its Ford brand dealer body in the U last. Will be certified to sell plug in vehicles by spring. That number of EV certified dealers has grown from about 200 in November. And is ahead of company projections. Ford offers to plug in cars that focus electric and steam and energy. 83 at the fusion energy goes on sale later this point her. Must are returned to profit in the fiscal third quarter aided by the weaker yen. The Japanese automaker also raised its expectation for full year earnings and sales that story from Bloomberg. Finally industry battering Carl Peter Forster former head of General Motors Europe and not promoters. Has joined a -- cars board of directors. -- -- out as chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association Bakken October. -- officially takes the gavel in a few days at the NEP convention in Orlando. It's a great opportunity obviously for. Reviewer to represent the 161000. Dealers one million employees. That we have it's it's a great -- And a greater responsibility. Incoming cheat in North Carolina dealer David West -- speaking with us in the fall. His top priorities. They strayed far from the efforts of outgoing chairman and Montana dealer bill under Reiner. I'm in west that's agenda now fears that pricing. And -- DA's factory image program study and did not sure of the future. -- 66 year old summer at a pivotal point for an ATA. Philly working with the new president Peter -- to chart a course for the -- And this at a time when Manny and he DA members has strained relationships with factories. For more with west that's the unused dot com slash west dot. And just a quick programming notes beyond the music TV crew will have wall to wall coverage from the convention. We'll bring you nine shows from Orlando including two n.'s Saturday and stolen Sunday -- state and for that. Think so much for watching. You on Thursday.

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